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28th, September 2007

WhoEat_300x250.gifIf you didn’t know, Pies now has its own community, a place where you, dear readers, can hang out, make friends (in a Facebook stylee), upload videos and discuss football until you’re blue/red (delete where applicable) in the face.
See the ‘Community’ tab at the top of this page? Click it, sign up, create a profile and away you go! The Community is currently in its (*web 2.0 buzzword alert*) ‘beta’ phase – so what we need is for as many folk as possible to sign up and make it as good as it can be. There will inevitably be some teething problems as we iron out any bugs/flaws in the software, so please be patient. You guys made Pies one of the most successful Shiny Media blogs, which is why you’re the first of our sites to get your own community. Go you!
As an extra incentive, all those who join will go into the draw to win an iPod Nano. Go on, it only takes a minute (girl).

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