Is Michael Owen direspecting Newcastle Utd?


9th, October 2007


77218401%282%29.jpgLittle Michael Owen is prepared to defy club manager Sam Allardyce by passing himself fit, against the Newcastle medical team’s advice, for England’s Euro 2008 qualifier against Estonia this Saturday.
Big Sam, understandably, is unhappy with Owen’s country-above-club stance: ‘I don’t know whether two games in such a short space of time is right,’ the Newcastle boss said in a pithy statement. ‘Michael isn’t qualified to do anything other than play football, so he can’t ignore the information he’s given by our highly-qualified medical staff and me as his manager.’

Owen insists that he will only take the advice of the surgeon who operated on his hernia in Munich last Friday: ‘Could I play against Estonia? I don’t see why not,’ he told reporters. ‘I will listen to the surgeon and not anyone else because she knows what she is talking about. I don’t see why there was any risk in me playing on Sunday.
Hmm, anyone sensing an ‘I told you so’ moment when Owen is crocked against Russia?

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  1. Kipp says:

    I disagree with big sam it is obvious michael has a doctorate in sports physiology, how else would he know how to contort his knee in such a way to absolve himself of blame from a crappy world cup
    that and he’s been on the injury table more than ive had hot dinners on mine

  2. xorg says:

    I guess it depends on whether you’re a Newcastle supporter/manager/shareholder or not!Let’s face it though, Newcastle have little or no chance of winning anything whereas hope springs eternal for England…

  3. ross says:

    i always thought owen was a twat. when ever you see him in interviews [even post match] he WILL be talking utterly about himself or his ‘ability’ or his england prospects and never about ANYONE else in his team [or even the team itself].
    he has zero loyalty.
    he is of no more than average football ability and never has been. he does score goals yes [and the occasional very good one] but i doubt he could do it in a real football team. i would love to see him play for arsenal, man-u or barca, purely to see him flounder in a quick, intelligent ‘pass and move’ team. [although i did nearly have a heart attack when i read preseason that he may’ve been a target for wenger… although, in retrospect i’m completely convinced that this was complete nonsence as, personality wise he is as far from being an arsenal player as water is from being wine.]
    michael owen should stick to doing what he does best: racehorse owning.

  4. StuMo says:

    I think there’s a lot to be said for players employing their own doctor/surgeon – someone who looks out for their interests as a player/person rather than those of the club (like the club doctor) or the national team (like the national team doctor).

  5. Visser says:

    Im a little confused by the comment made by ‘Ross’ because it’s quite frankly rubbish. In La Liga for Real Madrid Michael scored goals, it was only because he didn’t want to warm the bench anymore he decided to return home. Plus if you want to put Michael in a world class side, you can see him play for one over the weekend, it features John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand etc etc. The England squad is a team that is, no matter what anyone says, world class, thats why they play international football and Michael Owen, when fit, plays a very integral part of that squad, hence why he is one of England’s top goal scorers ever.
    Michael Owen is by no means average.
    Regardless, I feel for Sam Allardyce here who would love to keep Michael fit, he’s already proving his ability in what he’s done for Sam this season already. I wouldn’t call this a question of loyalty at all, but a distinct public showing that Michael loves to play for his country. It’s a good sign as well that he feels fit enough in himself, I’m sure after the turmoil he has gone through with injuries he wouldn’t want to risk his career again. In my own opinion, I really respect the fact that Michael wants to play for his country so much that he will even go against the advice he’s been given, hopefully that desire will transfer onto the pitch over the weekend given he starts.

  6. mo says:

    well, whos paying his £100,000 a week.
    I think he should listen to them.