So The Sun’s 4-3-3 story was bollocks – England will play 4-4-2 against Russia


16th, October 2007


The Sun’s ‘exclusive’ story that England would recall Frank Lampard in a 4-3-3 formation for tomorrow’s Euro 2008 qualifier against Russia would appear to be bollocks. It’s no great surprise that The Sun should get it so wrong; they took a gamble and got it wrong. It’s more of a surprise that Steve McClaren has grown a full set of balls and decided to keep Lampard out of the starting XI.
Gareth Barry keeps his place, and rightly so. John Terry will discharge himself from hospital, throw away his crutches and play in place of Sol Campbell, alongside Rio Ferdinand, with Joleon Lescott coming in for the crocked Ashley Cole at left-back. Apart from that, the team stays the same as for the Estonia game.

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  1. AnnaWaits says:

    Why Lescott instead of Campbell? (I’m a total layman so there might be a very obvious reason for this!) Lescott didn’t exactly make the most confident start, did he?

  2. Sheps says:

    Because Lescott is playing at left back.
    But you’re right, he was absolute crap against Estonia, I would have managed my players better and still have Carradona available to play.

  3. Matt says:

    Wow, the Sun talk bollocks. Who knew? :P
    Looking forward to the game. I’m hoping Lescott does better, he’s been pretty good for ol’ Everton, but looked out of his depth playing for country. Let’s hope it was just nerves, ‘cos Russia are more likely to punish us than Estonia!
    Good luck lads!

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