Liverpool Sign Christian Poulsen For £4.5m – Mascherano To Barcelona?

Ollie Irish

12th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

Poulsen gets down and dirty – where he likes it

As expected, Danish hardman Christian Poulsen has signed for Liverpool, for a fee reported to be in the £4.5m ballpark.

This means Javier Mascherano has surely had his chips at Anfield, with Barcelona now a more likely destination than Inter. Reports claim Liverpool wanted anything up to £20m for the surly Argentine, but I expect now that Poulsen is in the bag, Uncle Woy will accept much less than that from the Catalan shit stirrers – perhaps around £12m.

Okay, Masch is clearly a bit of a pain in the arse, and his agent seems to be even more of a tosser, but he is a brilliant defensive midfielder on his day, and although Liverpool will make money out of this indirect ‘swap’, surely they will lose in terms of the strength of their squad.

That said, I suppose this is the last big gig for Poulsen, so you’d expect him to give it everything at Liverpool, whereas Masch is a bit of a moody maverick, so in terms of squad morale, it should be a major improvement.

Some pics of Poulsen in his pre-Liverpool days, for the likes of Denmark, Sevilla, Schalke and Juventus:

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  1. PhilandoTorres says:

    Considering we rescued him from his inexplicable West Ham hell and paid £18.6 million for the privilege, £20 mil should be the very least we let him go for.

    He remains one of my favourite players, regardless of who he plays for. I’d love to keep him but once a player wants out, it’s best to show him the door, regardless of his importance.

  2. Jaginho says:

    £12m? LOL! We paid £18m, when he wasn’t as highly rated. Two of the biggest clubs in the world want him and everyone recognises he’s world class. Why would we accept £12m for him, when players like Loic Remy are going for about as much?

  3. im pretty sure the £18.6 included his wages for the length of the contract, so we effectivly we paid alot less :)

  4. The 100% Greek says:

    POULSEN? He is even more over-rated than ANELCA! This could be a very bad signing for Liverpool.

  5. balladalle says:

    Poulsen will build a powerful base midfield and give some more room for the more creative midfielders to look ahead. He may have his antics and seem moody, unglamorous and what have you. But he has heart. The reality of things is that if Liverpool wants to go somewhere this year, they need to win more. And Agger + Poulsen will build the defensive base that allows the creative players to actually do some creative stuff and make goals. And yes, I am Danish. And happy for Poulsen to come to a club like LP, as it will improve his form and benefit our national squad. Good luck to him and LP this year.

  6. Michael says:

    I like the idea of them becoming more Nordic than Latino. Marcell Jansen could be a good signing also.

  7. Montesquieu says:

    Why 12 million you ask, because Liverpool has a way of making bad financial decisions.

  8. LFC #1 says:

    My view on this depends entirely on how much we end up getting for Masch and where that money goes. If we get £20m and are allowed to spend the profit on a striker then I’ll be happy enough, there’s better going than Poulsen but he’s still a very good player & in terms of value for money was by far the best about – if it frees up funds to boost our striking options I’ll take a bit of a drop in class in the defensive midfield department.

    If as this article suggests though we end up getting £12m for him – or if we get more but aren’t allowed to spend it – I will not be happy in the slightest. We hold all the cards at the moment and Masch – as shown yesterday – is a player that will always give his all out on the pitch. If we can’t get a decent price for him then we keep him, simple as that in my eyes.

  9. Cassious says:

    if little mascherano wants to go, weve got no choice fuck him off! but only if the price is right! whoever up there said 12 million, ive got a question for you! are you a fuckin comedian? we signed the little prick for over 18 million when he was rotting for the west ham RESERVES! at the very least he should be very greatful for what we did for him… but instead what does he do? he shows very clearly he wants to go… weve got no choice but to sell him then.. soooooo sad..

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