Head to Head: Didier Drogba v Dimitar Berbatov – who moans about leaving the most?

Ollie Irish

7th, November 2007

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Both of these mercenary strikers have been making unsubtle noises about leaving their respective clubs since the going got tough. In his annual outburst, Drogba claimed that Chelsea was a ‘broken club’ that he couldn’t wait to escape and now Berbatov has a verbal note from his dad saying, ‘My son doesn’t feel happy at Spurs anymore’.

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1 Comment

  1. Flo says:

    I picked Berbatov on the grounds that even though Drogba is an unbelievable moaner, at least when he gets on the pitch he invariably works his arse off and delivers. Since coming back from injury, he has scored 3 and made 1 in 4 premiership games.
    Can’t say the same about Berbatov, he’s an amazing player when he wants to be, but just looks non-committal and lazy at the moment.
    Even if a player does want to go, the least they can do is continue to perform to their best until they leave. Unless you’re Anelka of course.

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