What does Joey Barton deserve for his horror tackle on Dickson Etuhu?

Ollie Irish

12th, November 2007


77844381.jpgFootball’s least favourite bad boy, Joey Barton, is back in hot water after attempting to castrate Dickson Etuhu during the North East derby between Sunderland and Newcastle at the weekend.
We’d hoped that Barton had left this sort of behaviour behind after being forced out of Man City with a catalogue of violent misdemeanours from stubbing a cigar out into a player’s eye to beating the crap out of teammate Ousmane Dabo.
The FA are still trying to decide if the tackle was spotted by the referee who didn’t even brandish a yellow – retrospective charges can only be brought about if the referee missed the incident (a reason why Wenger could never become an official).
Having seen the tackle and the menacing glint in Barton’s eyes we think the FA should throw the book at him – fair or harsh?
Let us know what punishment, if any, you think Joey Barton deserves

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  1. Clayton says:

    Two game ban and £5000+ fine though the f*cktard probably will never learn.

  2. Joe says:

    To quote Hunter S Thompson: ‘Castration! Double Castration!’

  3. Dabo says:

    Half an hour in a locked room with Ousame Dabo and a ‘couple of hard, pipe-hittin’ homeboys, who’ll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch – getting medieval on his ass”.
    To coin a quote from Pulp Fiction

  4. Mr Blackett says:

    Let Dickson Etuhu kick him in the spuds. Or just let them finish their little squabble with a good, old fashioned fight. I get the impression that Etuhu would wipe the floor with the horrible little thug.

  5. Murfmensch says:

    Why Barton is not in jail is mysterious. He should have been out for this season at the least.
    First, the FA should remove the stipulation that the official needs to have missed the event.
    A busy official could easily miss out on the severity of an offense. Also, the official could easily conclude that having everyone play on (after a lesser offence than Barton’s) is in the best interest of order.
    Another proposal: Multiple offenders should have an official placed on the sidelines strictly for the purpose of watching that person. They can contact the main ref in case of a large offense and give input for fines.

  6. Chringle says:

    Fill his mouth with wasps and sew it shut.

  7. Rich says:

    the scary thing is, he’s still allowed to procreate.
    how him nor most of his family have escaped being bricked to death i’ll never know.
    violent little shits being allowed to wear a shirt and claim a wage insults every fan.

  8. Anonymous says:

    i think he deserves……

  9. JC says:

    I still haven’t seen the video not on youtube yet, the guy won’t learn, he’s going to end someones career soon. I watched the first 20 mins of the game and the way he was going about you could tell that he was going make a really bad challenge.

  10. Orangina says:

    If that was Alan Smith they would have charged him and thrown the book at him. Cos its poor ickle Joey Barton who threw his toys out of the pram he somehow gets away with it. Hmph.
    Can I also say what the HELL is going on with Smudger???? Sam mate pick a position for Al and be done with it. Poor bloke is going to have a heart attack with all these different roles he keeps filling giving his all but not quite succeeding in mastering any of it(no Viduka don’t get hungry I meant ROLES not ROLLS!!! ho ho ha ha)
    Seriously I thought he was being wasted at Man U but this is just not right. His ‘utility player tag’ is more like a huge backhanded compliment these days! I adore the guy I know him pretty well and he’ll do anything to play and that’s his weakness, along with the temper of course but who cares about that at least he doesn’t go attacking people with cigars…….right Joey!!

  11. MARINA GABRIEL says:

    The Pulp Fiction quote posted by Dabo covers it, I think. Seriously, though, the FA should throw the book at him -literally- and then ban him from the game, the grounds and even forbid him to watch the game from the pub! The man has shown time and time again he’s dangerous and doesn’t deserve the chances he’s been given to redeem himself. He’s a stain on the beautiful game.

  12. Paul says:

    Barton ruins his tallent by bringing the well publicised criminalality in his family on the pitch and people are growing tired of it.
    Allardyce should have more respect for the fans by throwing him a haymaker to the back of the head in front of the next home crowd.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Paul’s got it on the head. Big Sam really needs to tw@t the little fella.

  14. Emmanuel says:

    I strongly believe that the like of Joey Barton shouldn,t have anything to do with football (the beautiful game) we all love. I am not a fan of the English referees and the FA because we all know how bias they towards non-english player, the referee cant say he did not see or know barton intention towards Etuhu. I think he deserve the biggest punishment from the FA and total condemnation from all football lovers.

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