Which Club Made ‘Big-Money Bid’ For Gareth Bale This Summer?

Ollie Irish

3rd, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

Tottenham dynamo Gareth Bale was the subject of a “big-money bid” over the summer, according to Wales manager John Toshack.

Toshack said: “It was a big-money bid – it’s big money to me anyway. You’ll have to ask Tottenham, they know about it.”

When pressed on the identity of the club, Toshack said: “I wouldn’t do that out of confidence for the people who have informed me.”

Toshack also said – tongue in cheek, I hope – that Harry Redknapp should not claim any credit for Bale’s stunning progress in the last six months, saying: “Two years ago when we started the World Cup qualifying campaign, the first three matches Bale was named man of the match against Azerbaijan, Russia and Liechtenstein.

“I know Harry thinks he has performed some kind of miracle at White Hart Lane but it is certainly not a surprise to us. We know full well what Gareth can do.”

Er, as far as I can tell, Harry doesn’t think anything of the sort. What Tosh.

Anyway, Tosh has a big mouth – we all know that. But which club do you think bid for Bale? As Toshack is the former manager of Real Madrid, it makes sense that he would still be in contact with the club, so… was it Real? If so, Spurs kept it very, very quiet.

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  1. L-dott says:

    It was Man Utd who thought they could get Bale the day before the deadline & Levy just laughed off their bid, just shows they thought they could do what they did wiv Berbatov, but how times have changed!!!

  2. GuySpur says:

    Common sense makes me think it was Real as Jose was rumored to be interested whilst at Inter Milan last season and he is obviously now at Madrid. Glad that Levy told them where to stick it though, we have to stop selling our most influential players (Carrick, Berbatov etc) and build. Kudos to Levy & Co for sensibly getting Bale and Modric on new long term contracts!

  3. Foggy says:

    I read on some ITK forum that it was Man UTD,and Daniel Levy took great delight in rebuffing their advances.Altough I’m sure they will be back should we fail to land Champions League again this season.

  4. R says:

    It was Man Utd

  5. Dils says:

    Obvious. Real Madrid got first option on Bale should we/he ever decide to leave… we got van der Vaart as a sweetener. Maybe there was more in the price drop stories (Bayern for 18m then us for 9m) than meets the eye.

  6. Ollie Irish says:

    @ Dils – That’s an interesting perspective. You really think Real gave up VdV partly so they could get first dibs on Bale? Hmm, it actually makes sense.

  7. gettingthereslowly says:

    Would not suprise me if real enquired about him, like all top players around the world?. Would suprise me if it was the hammers though as i thought they had money problems ?What I find a pain is why it’s new’s that people think the lads good!!He’s out standing simple as!!

  8. Kieran says:

    No one cares who put a bid in so what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. MickeySpurs says:

    Sounds about right that Real will ask for first dibs on Bale. Bale is going to be the best left sided player in Europe within 2/3 years. Maybe the VDV was a sweetner. I also thnk mourinho just wanted to have an influence on the premiership even as a manager in Spain. VDV is quality and we will take out a few big clubs this season with the squad we now have.

  10. Stoney says:

    Toshack. Your mrs is taking up the wrongun on a regular bases. I can’t tell you who it is without betraying the confidence of the person who told me. It’s the milkman, so the postie said. Oops. Me and my big mouth. You and me both. Sheep fiddling fool.

  11. miltwaaan says:

    hahahaha @ stoney

  12. dkjfdegvl3wxewd says:

    He’s right about redknapp though – shouldn’t take any credir for bale.

  13. Ed says:

    Bale would be a great replacement for Giggs. I wonder if Sir Alex thinks that.

  14. dixta says:

    good call re VDV as a sweetner to get first option on Bale. if we had to sell him, we’d get 30mil at least so no worries. as has been mentioned, we are a different club from when we had to sell Berbs. And even then we got a good deal (32mill for crying out loud). Agree that Tosh is a tosher for blabbing. W***er.

  15. John Weisbloom says:

    This is old news – Man Utd made an equiery during the summer – Levy told them in no uncertain terms what to do with themselves!

  16. chimpo says:

    john toshack managed real madrid? yoowotsan?

    had to wiki that- he managed them twice. this is a strange world we live in

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