Reluctantly, Jose Mourinho gives TV interview to Sky News about England football manager’s job

Ollie Irish

29th, November 2007


I love the way Jose hides behind his gate for the duration of his interview, not to mention the cheeky wink as he turns to go into his house. I’ve never seen the Special One acting so modestly and speaking so softly, almost as if without football in his life he’s a totally different person.
That said, he didn’t say ‘No’ to the England job – there’s definitely something he’s not telling us…
And click below to watch ex-Liverpool striker Craig Johnson (plus ponytail) talking common sense about England’s predicament and how the FA is to blame. Well worth a watch…

He may be an Aussie, but he seems to know more about English game than many Englishmen.

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  1. clayton says:

    Craig Johnson has got it bloody spot on. Good vid.
    As for the Jose vid I just get the impression he is not that overly keen on the England job.

  2. Gibby10 says:

    I seen the “interview” this morning on SKY. It’s embarrassing how the ‘reporter’ pushes & pushes for an answer while TSO cant wait to get inside his house. Namely to watch the game !
    I would see it as a master stroke if the FA get TSO but i think hounding the guy at his house in PORTUGAL ! is absolutely shocking. The British press ( especially the english ) dont know when to leave it . I can only assume getting a major scoop is more important to the reporter than giving someone the respect the deserve. It’s what scared off Big Phil Scholari the last time .
    Craig Johnson comments were spot on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    it’s fucking shit journalism like that that made scolari turn us down.

  4. kaya says:

    I never thought I could sympathize with Jose Mourinho, so congrats to that jerkface reporter for making it happen.
    Re: the Craig Johnson interview…. I can’t seriously believe you guys are *just* noticing this. How long have english football fans gone on about the imminent arrival of the golden balls generation and how long have I wondered why I was so underwhelmed by their mastery of basics?

  5. susan says:

    Scumbag journos harassing people at home.
    Having said that, he could have said nothing.
    His smirk shows he’s enjoying stringing us along.

  6. Wes says:

    We all know Jose loved the attention…

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