The FA – do they know the way to sign Jose?

Ollie Irish

30th, November 2007

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I’m already bored with tabloid speculation about England’s next manager, and especially the tedious ‘Jose in come and get me plea!’ bollocks being spouted incessantly by not just the red-tops, but broadsheets too.
That said, I did want to post on this issue, because it gives me a chance to showcase my headline-writing skills. Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if this headline has been used elsewhere already, but I haven’t seen it yet and therefore take at least some of the credit for making it up…
Seriously though, Jose would be bored by the England job within a couple of weeks. Bring back Glenn Hoddle!

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1 Comment

  1. john oughton says:

    Allow me to congratulate you on the headline.Well done!
    I would,however, take issue on one small point,please.I believe the boredom would emanate from the top , and NOT from the job of working andtraining with the players.Fat and badly dressed superiors wagging their overadorned pinkies at José would not be the way to keep him boss for long.

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