Jose Mourinho turns down England football manager’s job (that he never wanted in the first place)

Ollie Irish

11th, December 2007

The manager from Portugal, he say no.
The only people who seemed to think that Mourinho might say yes were the tabloid media (Sun, Mirror, Sky etc.) who fabricated the story in the first place – because they are acutely aware that Jose gives good copy. Now the gutter press will refocus their unrelenting spotlight on Fabio Capello, and no doubt put him off the job in the same way they did with Felipe Scolari.
Do I care? Not much. If pressed on the matter, White Van Man might have grunted: ‘Yeah, Jose would do a good job.’ But for most English football fans, the national team is the last thing on their mind right now. There are more important things to worry about, namely club football.
And so Mourinho, through his agent, has made it known that he is keen to get back into management, albeit at club level. Job done.
Oh, and Brian Barwick should really resign. No one wants to work for him. He’s cursed.

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