Didier Drogba & Fernando Torres Will Be Man City’s Main Strikers Next Season

Ollie Irish

27th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

This is just a hunch, but I am about to bet real money that both Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres will be playing in the sky blue of Manchester City next season, with Emmanuel Adebayor (definitely) and Carlos Tevez (possibly) nowhere to be seen at Eastlands.

Why? It seems clear from body language and words that Drogba wants a new challenge before he gets too old (he looked bemused at being taken off at Eastlands by Ancelotti), and City would pay him shedloads for a couple of seasons at least.

Ditto Torres, who by several accounts is very upset because Liverpool made promises to him about new signings that have not been kept. The Anfield club’s status and ambitions no longer match that of the Spaniard, who apparently feels like he was tricked into staying on Merseyside. Don’t shoot the messenger: that’s just what I hear.

I don’t say this to upset Chelsea or Liverpool fans, merely because I think in the light of City’s current forward roster and their enormous wealth, a double on Drogba and Torres to sign for City by the start of next season is a decent ‘hunch’ bet. I for one will stick a tenner on it and sit back…

I can also see Tevez ending up at Chelsea next season, with Adebayor somewhere in Serie A (one of the Milan clubs, I guess).

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  1. CJB says:

    Interesting hunch, but as it stands I reckon Tevez will be at City for a few more years before leaving to Argentina and eventually retiring.

    Torres is a definite possibility but I just can’t see Drogba leaving, unless something big happens.

    Adebayor is going to have to start getting back to his old self and performing, otherwise he could be left on the bench too often for him, AC Milan is not a possibility, nor Inter. Juve maybe but they don’t have the funds to afford him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    so long tenner,and who the hell cut tevez’s hair,give em a red card

  3. bazza says:

    I heard that Messi is joining Blackpool in January… Don’t shoot the messenger!

  4. Phil says:

    Yes, I heard that one about Messi as well. That makes it ‘by several accounts’ so it must be true!

    What a load of old TOSH!

  5. John says:

    City fan here. I do not believe that Drogba would be on Mancini’s radar even, Mancini clearly wants to sign young(ish) players, not players who are as old as Drogba.

    Torres made it clear that he does not want to join City, so I do not think that this will happen either.

    More chances of us getting Benzema or Dzeko with Adebayor going the other way.

  6. CD says:

    I doubt Tevez will be leaving city anytime soon. What is your hunch on that based around? They made him the captain and he has showin nothing less than motivation and also possibly the most effort on the whole team. He is a fan favorite and a proven offensive threat for City, there would be no reason to replace him with the likes of didier drogba…

    Torres I can see, given that city have already proven they want him bad. And if they make the champions league this season I think they will far outbid any Chelsea attempt to buy him next summer. Who knows, maybe we will see a Torres move in January if City are competing for the top four and Liverpool have dropped far enough out…

  7. Sean says:

    As a Chelsea fan I can safely say Didier will not be at City next season. I think he will stay one more year or so before ending his career back in Marseilles. As for Torres it looks very likely but sources in Spain have already said he has his heart set on Barca and Barca have a gentlemans agreement already in place. Tevez would never come here nor would he be welcomed. I can even see Chelsea trying to get Torres on loan in January as he wont be cup tied for the CL
    (even though he wont fit our system of play!)

  8. HeavyRiffs says:

    We(City) want and have signed young, hungry players. But you heard it here first, I have it on good authority that we’ll be in for Pele, Bekenbauer and George Best.

  9. Raider says:

    FN’ Bollocks

  10. Laugh out loud funny says:


    The author = knob-case.

  11. Andy says:

    I heard Messi is goin to Blackpool In Jan? Anyone else heard this?

  12. fran says:

    drogba getting a bit old now would not be worth a big fee
    teve 25 goals in his last 29 prem games can not be replaced

  13. alexandar says:

    u dream!! both torres and drogba will never join shity club like man city!!!

  14. Juan Sheet Dos Plenty says:

    Liverpool were felled by their financial problems last year. I was mocked by whiney-voiced scousers last year when I described them as “the injured wilderbeast at the edge of the herd, the first of the “sky 4” to fail. Everyone else was saying “Arsenal”.

    Manchester Utd will be this years victim team – except the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

    When credit was cheap, everyone was criticising Arsene Wenger for not spending big. When Arsenal announced their record profits this week, with their massive new stadium all finished and sold out, suddenly it looks like he steared the perfect course through the financial maelstrom.

    When Platini’s rules kick in next season, Chelsea will fare rather worse than Man City. Chelsea have a smaller ground, a great first team who are knocking on a bit, but a weak bench. City have two and a half young champions league teams, they can just sell a couple of expensive players to balance the books if they need to.

    When football pundits write-off Manchester United, they are often proved wrong. But when accountants write a team off, they are invariably correct. If this credit crunch has shown us anything, it is that debt is a real, tangible thing that can’t be put off indefinitely, and also that the grandest institutions can appear imperious on Friday, but gone by Monday.

    Manchester United are finished. No matter what they win, who they sell, however you load the figures into the financial model, the result is always the same. If the Glazers stay, they will face automatic demotion when the PIK debt matures. They WILL cease trading when the bond issue has to be repaid. If someone buys up the carcass of the club, or the name, it will be in the 3rd tier of english football.

    I read a few posts saying that City are shit, and neither Drogba nor Torres would join them. But that’s just the little boy inside some scared football fan talking.

    Manchester City can increasingly do just whatever they feel like. Drogba and Torres have both walked off the pitch this season, envious of the happy city players who just humiliated them.

    Ancelotti was the first premiership manager to understand what Mancini, able to build his perfect team, is capable of. That’s why he was the first to fold.

    If you’re a Chelsea or Liverpool fan, then PRAY that Mancini doesn’t want your striker. Because Manchester City’s money dwarf’s Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC, Inter, and the whole of the premiership COMBINED, by an order of magnitude.

    And they play in a lovely sky-blue strip.

  15. mcfc4eva says:

    alexandar stfu u total p*ick

  16. HeavyRiffs says:

    I can smell your fear from here…

  17. Tony says:

    What a tit the author of this piece is.

  18. Rob says:

    Did you get this from “sources close to the players” ,and are the deals already “done and dusted” ?

  19. ming the merciless says:

    tevez to leave city for torres or drogba?????
    what are you on? tevez is twice the player of either of those two and either club would snatch city’s hand off if we offered a straight swap!
    king carlos is the heartbeat of the city team and will not be leaving for a long long time.

  20. Patrick says:

    Wow I just had a read of rubbish for breakfast, Mancini will only sign under 25s, Torres is definitely leaving if they keep on their current performances and what tha….Don’t shoot the messenger: that’s just what I hear……dude, can your lips reach ur ears because I know you heard this from ur nutter of a self

  21. Malcom Glazers perpetual debt machine says:

    Superb stuff Juan Sheet Does Plenty

    On the Blackpool rumours I happened to be passing through the Nempnett Thrubwell Service Station the other week, when I heard a guy speaking fluent Spanish to a Senor Holloway. Ok I am not to confident in Spanish but I could tell from the converstaion that Barca will sell Messi “el gallo del norte” for a half share in Blackpool Tower Enterprises. Part of the deal includes a special deal on Messi Rock.

    Drogba will go to Marseilles

    Torres probably Barca (to replace Messi no doubt)

    and City will continue to sign good young up and coming players not old men like Owed Trafford

  22. Jaun Sheet Dos Plenty says:

    Torres has been rubbish since he’s had brown hair.

    Get it bleached again, and come to man City. If you stay at Liverpool, you’ll pick up the accent, and start every sentence with “erm”.

    Drogba, with blonde hair, would look like a pint of guiness. I still think Drogba would look good in sky blue.

    Shame we don’t have Bellamy this season – we would have won at Sunderland. Their defence were holding a high line, trying to spring the offside trap.

  23. KEVIN MOLE says:


  24. lfcisthebest says:

    Man city are a nothing team who sign second rate players. David silva, not villa, balotelli not torres, yaya toure not essien, why do city fans think their the best team. Money doesn’t buy u trophies, it buys u a team of primadonners who cost ridiculous amounts and only came for the money. james Milner cost more than torres, im sorry but thats pathetic. Unlike most city players, torres is loyal so wont leave. YNWA

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hey you gay boy fernando torres is not leaving liverpool for mancity, chelsea, man u or arsenal they are all shit

  26. jack mahogi says:

    hey you gay boy fernando torres is not leaving liverpool for man city, chelsea, man u or arsenal they are all shit liverpool are the best team in the premier league.

  27. Connor says:

    @lfcisthebest well then how did our prima donna second rate players manage to beat you 3-0?

  28. manufc says:

    lfcisthebest never said liverpool were better connor. Just that man city sign second rate players, which they do. Wait till they face a real test and play man utd

  29. Mancityarerubbish says:

    Think of the top 20 players in the world. Torres gerrard are probaly in it. I don’t remeber any city players being close. I can say on behalf of every team that man city are nothing, I remeber the owner promising messi ronaldo kaka, but looks pike you’ll have to do with milner yaya toure and Adam johnson.

  30. mlfcforever says:

    His armband proved he was a red, torres, torres
    you’ll never walk alone it said, torres, torres,
    he came to us from sunny spain give him the ball he’ll score again,
    fernando torres liverpools number nine.
    Man city can only dream of signing him

  31. liverpool says:

    agree with liverpoolisthebest because all man city do is sign second rate players no1 else wants. If man u or chelsea wanted james milner, theyd get him, but because he’s not top quality they didnt. Same goes for balotelli yaya toure david silva.

  32. Connor says:

    you’re definitely right, bebe, antonio valencia, and michael owen are top quality

  33. chelsea4thewin says:

    ye i mean with man city having world class players like wright phillips, wayne bridge and lescott they must be good. I distinctivly remeber a certain michael owen scoring an injury time winner against you. You’ve never seen bebe player and valencia rejected you to join man utd. Do you remember when man city won the champions league. Oh me neither. I can’t remember them even being in it. That’s how good you are.

  34. former city fan says:

    Im still waiting for man city to sign messi as the owner promised. Looks like james milner will have to do. Connor lets face it son, man city aren’t a good team and never will be. The only reason players join u is for money, which is y the best players in the world aren’t at man city.
    I used to be a man city fan but since we’ve had this owner, ive lost faith. No football club should be run like this, its appalling. We have youngsters swanning round as if they are the best players in the world. Lets face it, once our players realise why their at man city, which is money, they will wonder y on earth they came here and look to be out the door.
    Man city aren’t a proper team, just a lot of over payed players.

  35. Kiko says:

    “king carlos is the heartbeat of the city team and will not be leaving for a long long time”

    Eating your words now eh?

    What a massive club Citeh are.

    35 years.

  36. deadly dirk says:

    Looks like you bet a tenner and lost a tenner pal. Connor well done for supporting a team that bought the league, takes alot of class to win that way signing players and overinflating the prices in english football. Theres a reason hazard is going to choose united over city, they arent big club and never will be. No satisfaction winning that way.

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