Liverpool Duo Steven Gerrard And Fernando Torres Will Move On In January

Chris Wright

28th, September 2010


By Chris Wright

Former Liverpool winger Steve McManaman has admitted that he fears star duo Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres will jump ship in the January transfer window, if the club remains under it’s current rootin’ tootin’ ownership and the players themselves don’t begin to show signs of improvement.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, McManaman told of his mounting concerns;

“No matter what happens there will be questions again. Torres is not happy, Gerrard is not happy. Their body language is not good.

If Liverpool are 14th would you stay? Would I stay? If it is the same scenario, the same owners and the same predicament I can see their best players wanting to leave and wanting to play in Champions League football. They need to be playing in the best teams in the best leagues available.”

Although the point he is making is valid enough, the fact that McManaman left Anfield under a fairly bottom-heavy cloud by allowing his contract to tick down – coupled with the fact that I’m fairly sure he’s gone on record as being an Everton fan – will, rightly or wrongly, almost certainly detract most of the credibility from his statement.

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  1. Phil says:

    I seem to remember that name. Wasn’t it Steve McManaman that scuttled off on a Bosman in 1999 after refusing a new contract, in spite of 9 years loyalty shown to him by LFC and its supporters? Loyalty, I doubt that mcmanaman has any notion what it means.

  2. Rob says:

    Where can I get a degree to be a Body language expert like Steve McManananananananananan?

  3. PhilandoTorres says:

    If our season carries on in the same vein, Torres will defo go at the end of the season. And who could blame him? Gerrard is already in too deep, so he’s going nowhere. He’ll finish his career with us.

    As for McManaman, he was one of my favourite players as a kid (along with Fowler and Ronaldo) so I respect his opinions. I don’t completely agree with them like.

  4. Duncan Ferguson says:

    they should come to majorca and drink scotch with me

  5. normski says:

    Listen to Mr loyal not macca, if he is a greedy bastard like you he will leave,this man sits anywhere to lick ass,man city was last place licking balls,he never has a good thing to say about lfc,what will he be remembered for…er nothing,fuck off macca toffee cunts.

  6. Liam says:

    Neither will leave in January. Gerrard won’t leave, I have a feeling he’ll end his career at the club but Torres might at the end of the season although I reckon he’s the type of person that would only move abroad out of respect for the Liverpool fans.

  7. mark says:

    @phil this is the same Macca that LFC tried to sell to Barca?

  8. MR. T says:

    I dont care where liverpool is on the table, i would play, who wouldnt!?!? its frickin pro football!! i’d b happy playin 4 stoke!!! (k maybe not stoke)

  9. sue peace says:

    Torres can go in january if he doesnt improve, wont get 60 million for him tho!

  10. jamjam says:

    Inter milan will make aroun 27 milion offer for torres , and hell take it ! reson why ,,? Benitez, chamions league .. the missus wants to see the sun again.. and last but not least ,, more Wages+Less taxes – premiere league flying tackles = sorry Stevie its not you its me now good bye!

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