FIFA Introduce New Online Transfer System To Prevent Deadline Day ‘Chicken’

Chris Wright

29th, September 2010


By Chris Wright

Tottenham’s deadline day signing Rafael van der Vaart

FIFA have revealed that their new online Transfer Matching System (TMS) will become compulsory this Friday, a move which they hope will, amongst other things, prevent clubs from ‘playing chicken’ with each other on transfer deadline day.

FIFA are also hopeful that the fact that all international transfers will have to go through the TMS initiative will help to prevent money laundering, protect young vulnerable players and make the whole shady business of football transfers more transparent.

It will be the respective clubs’ duty to declare whether there is any ‘third party’ ownership of a player (i.e the issue that continues to mire Carlos Tevez as he flits around the Premier League) or risk being fined for their discrepancies – but perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the system is that it automatically shuts down as soon as the transfer deadline passes, thus preventing any further action from taking place.

Mark Goddard, the general manager of TMS, provided information on the systems operating requirements:

  • For every single transfer it is mandatory for both clubs to declare that there are no third party influences on this transfer. That means we have an electronic record and if it appears that is not a truthful statement we can go back to the transfer in the system and remind the club or the association what they said on the record.
  • More than 30 details on each transfer have to be entered, such as information on the player, club details, all payments including the amount, timing and bank details, as well as agents involved and the payments to them.
  • Documentary evidence backing up the details must also be uploaded onto the system.
  • The system will also keep track of individual players to ensure proper compensation payments for clubs that have trained young players but have then seen them transferred.

(details from Sporting Life)

The introduction of TMS is all very well and good, but what implications does this have for the humble fax machine? It’s widely acknowledged that professional football is the only industry keeping the entire fax business afloat.

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  1. David Allison says:

    Cue a Wargames / Football Manager hybrid Hollywood blockbuster …! ;o)

    David Lightman: [typing] What is the primary goal?
    Joshua: You should know, Professor. You programmed me.
    David Lightman: Oh, come on.
    David Lightman: [typing] What is the primary goal?
    Joshua: To win the Champions League, ya fool!

  2. I think it is not enough for money laundering.If it is,big clubs’ performance may declare:)).

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