Which Four Players Should Liverpool Sign In January?

Chris Wright

11th, October 2010


By Chris Wright

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Liverpool scout Jakob Friis-Hansen (no relation to Alan) has revealed that, should New England Sports Ventures‘ proposed takeover bid go through as expected, he expects the club to bring at least four ‘prominent’ first-team signings once the transfer window opens up again in January – telling bold.dk;

“The results are now important in Liverpool, it is first priority to get four prominent players in the next window for the first team. Players who can go into the starting line-up.

Roy Hodgson will hopefully get some money to work with. I will work in Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and Holland and will this year also be going to Spain for Liverpool and it is solely for the first team.

It has been a tough start, because we did not know and still do not know what will happen with the club financially. I can hopefully go out and look at players in the highest price category at a time, but we will see.”

It’s obvious to every single entity on God’s green Earth capable of sentient thought that they need at least one able foil for the waning Fernando Torres, along with a couple of creative midfield forces or possibly even another left-back – despite the summer acquisition of Paul Konchesky from Fulham.

Assuming Hodgson will be handed somewhere in the region of £30 million by the new owners, my targets would be as follows;

Fernando Llorente, Athletic Bilbao – £14 million: Familiar with Torres’ game through their ongoing association with the Spanish national team. Young, powerful and his physical presence would suit the Premier League down to the ground.

Fabio Coentrao, Benfica – £3 million: Faded from the radar after a fantastic World Cup with Portugal. Only 22-years-old and can operate as a raiding left-back or in a more advanced position, and is rather good at both.

Niko Kranjcar, Tottenham – £6 million: Currently going to waste on the Spurs bench due to the form of a certain Welsh simian. Manager Harry Redknapp is a big fan of the top top Croatian playmaker, but would he be able to resist such a quick and easy profit on a player he paid Portsmouth just £2 million twelve short months ago?

Juan Mata, Valencia – £10 million (+ Ryan Babel): I know this rumour has been doing the rounds for a fair old while now, but wouldn’t it just be lovely if it turned out to be true?

Total spent: £33 million

Right, them’s my picks for Liverpool’s fab January four. Let’s hear yours…

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  1. Kev says:

    signings Liverpool need

    1. a manager
    2. a decent board
    3. a new stadium
    4. find a way to get rid of lucas (as good as a new signing)

  2. Ollie Irish says:

    Kranjcar is a good shout, Chris.

  3. gaptooth says:

    This topic of discussion is a week too early

    Chris – lets discuss this sort of thing once we actually know whats gonna happen to LFC
    in the event that the club’s and fan’s (myself included) worst scenario is realised ( the 9 point deduction penalty ) this topic will look insignificant

    I hope and pray that next week (provided broughton wins in court ) we can all sit back knowing our club is safe – and talk about the likes of mata and Kranjcar etc etc

    they all look good to me – but i assure you liverpool fans are thinking about greater issues at this moment in time

  4. C says:

    I say this every time we get to speculate about liverpool signings. Bring back Igor Biscan!

  5. Chris says:

    I know Gaptooth, but lets allow ourselves some whimsy! The club is going to be sold either way (Broughton wins the court case or RBS seize it and flog it), so you can presume that NESV (who have said they remain intent on a takeover) will provide funds in January regardless of whether they’ve been deducted points or not.

  6. All liverpoooool fc need is to speed up their game.
    pulsen lack of speed, we should play a 4-4-2.
    with kurt and torres. if we could upload JUan Mata that will be really nice. he is a good winger.
    he can play in the right as well in left. we must then left joe cole to play behind the two striker.
    while gerrard and mireles will be in the central midfield.

  7. Tom says:

    Its easier to say who we should get rid of:

    Babel. Enough said.
    Ngog -I know he’s top scorer but his touch and control is appaling
    Carragher – Too slow now, should become our defensive coach
    Maxi Rodríguez – anonymous in most games
    Kyrgiakos – anyone with an ounce of trickery gets past him
    Lucas – Still not quite good enough
    Poulsen – Can’t pass and is slow
    oh.. and Babel

  8. gaptooth says:

    Chris – i know you mean well – the reason for my post is because according to many papers (guardian / times etc) NESV may walk away if there is a 9 point deduction (im sure u have read this too no doubt) – but with them out of the loop – things look bad – who will buy a team fighting to stay in the league , let alone challenge for a europa place.

    but hey maybe im worrying too much – maybe it will be all fine and NESV will buy us this week – maybe they will inject 50m spending money into the club , and maybe we can think about champions league again – but with the way our luck has been over the last 18months – i hope u forgive my pessimistic fears

  9. jamjam says:

    Sell Lucas !! and liverpool will win the treble in half a season !

  10. jamjam says:

    exchange lucas for dejan stankovic!

  11. funny as says:

    lol you say coentrao has faded hahah he his playing in the champions league mate he clearly is in the public eye maybe you should broaden your football knowledge instead of just watching the premier league and you rate him at 3 million pounds lol lolollolo he wil cost at least 20 mil and there is no way liverpool can afford that

  12. Chris says:

    @Gaptooth: No worries pal, your pessimism is well placed!

    @Tom: What about Babel?

  13. Shane says:

    1. Juan Mata – 8million + Babel + Maxi
    2. Edin Džeko – 18million + Jovanovic
    3. Fabio Coentrao – Swap with Lucas (Says he wants to go somewhere that speaks Portuguese)
    4. Niko Kranjcar – Swap with Johnson (Harry would probably want to work with him again)
    5. Gregory Van Der Wiel – 8million

    34million (Make Insua’s loan permanent to get the few extra quid back)

    Oh! And get Aquilani back

    Van Der Wiel – Carragher – Agger – Coentrao
    Kranjcar – Gerrard – Meireles – Mata
    Torres – Džeko

    Bench: Jones – Konchesky – Skrtel – Aquilani – Poulsen – Cole – Kuyt

  14. nash says:

    alex fergusson
    alex fergusson
    alex fergusson
    alex fergusson

  15. Markell says:

    If they could somehow sign Nando Torres circa 2007 they would be all right

  16. moyesboyz says:

    Just Thinking ahead to January here are the best 4 Liverpool signings that will be available …
    1. Nobby (get him off!!) Dyson …. currently failing to get into the Thatto Heath 2nd 11 team.
    2. Sir Stanley Matthews …. I heard he used to be really good.
    3. Ronaldo. Fred Ronaldo from the kebab shop on Smithdown Road.
    4. Anyone called Jesus ….. he saves hopeless cases all the time.

    Good Luck Reds …. Oh but then again no need to worry ‘cos if you do get sent into administration your pally mates at the F.A. will more than likely add 9 points on rather than deduct them…after all you are the great LFC aren’t you?

  17. gigbonads says:

    TO GO:
    Babel, he’s just never going to improve. £5 mil
    Lucas, he’s just not good enough and never will be. £5 mil
    Carra is slowing down, and he was never quick to begin with, His brain gets him through, but he is in his final top level playing days. Definate coaching material. Legend.
    Poulsen is as big a mistake as I fearedhe might be. Poor passer, one paced, below avergae awareness. Looked ok in the slower Serie A, but not remotely a Premier league player. £2 mil
    Konchesky, never a Liverpool player. £1 mil
    Maxi has failed to adapt properly to the Prem, which is a pity as he’s a player I like. £1 mil
    Aquilani was always a strange choice by Rafa, and it’s time to cut the losses. £11 mil
    £25 million in + £30 million in new funds = £55

    TO BUY:
    If Mata can be tempted, he’d be a great signing. £15 mil
    Llorente is another I believe would work well with Torres, so hopefully there is truth in that rumour. £13 mil
    Coentrao would fit in well with Skertl and Agger. £3 million
    Ever Banega is potentially an improved Masch. £18 mil
    SWP is a cheap option as a winger. A bit limited but able and very quick. £5 mil.
    TOTAL: £54 million
    Johnson, Skertl, Agger,
    Cole, Meriles, Banega, Mata
    Bench: Jones, Llorente, SWP, Jovanavic, Wilson, Kelly, Kuyt

  18. joe says:

    bid for the unhappy adebayor maybe?

  19. joe says:

    definitely need a striker. adebayor for cheap i rekon

  20. Nelson says:

    Chris I agree with 3 of your 4 signings,we wont need kranjcar to start games 4 LFC though he is good.So in the place of kranjcar we should sign lassana Diarra, so the team will line up like this:
    Johnson Skrtel Agger Ceontrao
    Kyut Gerrard Diarra Mata
    Torres Llorente
    Bench: Jones,Carragher,Aurelio,meireles,Cole,Ngog,Babel,Lucas,Spiering,Kyriagos,Wilson,Pacheco,Kelly,Gullasci,Eccelstone,Shelvey


  21. Pedro says:

    Coentrão for 3 million? United pay 8m for a relatively unknown player because that’s what’s in the release clause but Liverpool would only have to pay 3m for one of the standout players of the World Cup who is currently playing first team football in the Champions League for the biggest and best supported team in Portugal? That has to be the most ridiculous thing on here today, and let me tell you the competition is fierce.

  22. Darren says:

    The problem with the January Transfer window is that players prices are inflated and the need for Liverpool to acquire the right quality will cost a hell of a lot more than £30 million.

    Also with the new rules on foreign players in place we would need at least 2 of those 4 players to be homegrown talent which will push the prices up even further.

    NESV really need to understand that Liverpool are going to need to spend between £60 to £100 million in the January transfer window if they want the team to try and make a fist of it for a CL spot.

    My 4 players I’d like to see at Liverpool:

    1. Jermain Defoe
    2. Juan Mata
    3. Simon Kjaer
    4. Tom Huddlestone

  23. moyesboyz says:

    PML…. Where has this £54M figure appeared from?. I will give you my old Ford Escort for all your current team and throw in Nobby Dyson to seal the deal. The way your lot are playing nobody outside of Stevie G Lahh!! would merit more than 5M. You have nothing to bargain with because you bought crap players that nobody else wanted…. simple as that. You all need to have a reality check and then you will realise nobody wants your misfits. A good reserve team is the only bright prospect on the horizon for you lot. Still if I must put forward four suggestions for prospective buys then I will……
    1. Kenny (is this how you spell it?) Dalglish … not as a manager but back up front with the mighty Babel.
    2. Sandy Brown ….so you have a half-chance of scoring in a Derby.
    3. That big fat supporter guy who sits 2/3rds of the way along the Analfield Road stand (Yeah I’m talking about you fatty) to go in nets.
    4. God … cos lets face it Jesus just isn’t gonna be enough for ya.
    Can I also say that I think you are all being rather harsh on both Mr Gillette and Mr Hicks when it is patently obvious they only have the best interests of your club at heart?….. remember when you clapped them into their seats?… they are just the same guys.

  24. Red Sin says:

    These 4 players will make us great again.

    1. Left back – Fabio Coentrao

    2. Left Mid – Marko Marin

    3. Right Mid – Alexis Sanchez

    4. Striker – Sergio Aguero

  25. Darren says:

    Moyesboyz you are a child!

    Liverpool will be the 2nd healthiest team, debt wise in a couple of weeks time and a platform to start generating profit which will be the only funds teams can use to buy players when the new rules are in place.

    I can’t wait for the derby because it will only highlight Everton’s problems even further after it.

    1 win and Evertonian’s think they are going to challenge for Europe and finish above Liverpool! get real idiot!

  26. Daniel says:

    Aaron Lennon
    Gareth Bale
    Niko Kranjcar

  27. moyesboyz says:

    Thats the Spirit Darren!!… Support your team!!. I love that 2nd healthiest team line… you just keep believing it fella and it may come true. You can all come through this..I KNOW YOU CAN. Everton will finish above you though ….and who knows come next may you will be slagging off Tranmere supporters as being ‘Children’ and ‘Idiots’. Don’t cry too much after the Derby though… it’s only a game.

  28. daboy says:

    I would like to get Mata Defour and Payet from France Shawcross and Kiessling and a reliable right back sell Johnson Lucas Babel Poulsen and Kyrgiakos.

  29. Nuno says:

    Got to agree with the two comments before on Coentrao. 3 Million for him??? Do that and Benfica will respond with a 5 million offer on Torres, for sure!!! And another 2 Mill for Gerrard…

    Coentrao is currently one of the best players in Benfica (if not the best), a team currently in the Champions League and Portuguese champions. Believe me he won’t go anywhere for less than 15 to 20 million euros, so better think of someone else…

  30. moyesboyz says:

    ALTOGETHER NOW….!! ‘No-bby, Nobby Dyson…Nobby Dyson on the wing’ !!!

  31. hitman says:


    Joe Cole
    Milan Juvanivic


  32. the ball is round says:

    Karl Henry
    Mark Van Bommel
    Ryan Shawcross
    Nigel De Jong
    Now THAT would be funny

  33. j says:

    we need wingers and let’s hope the team hears us: Kuyt is not a winger, Rodriguez is not a winger, now recently even Meireles was played on the wide. They don’t have the skills, the pace, the creativity as a winger. They are not good dribblers, no good at crossing, not good runner on the ball. Maybe the manager wants them to cut in and score goals or make through passes, but look, if they don’t have the skills and the space, how are they going to cut in? Hate to say it but look at man utd, nani and c ronaldo, they break down defences with their pace and skills on the ball and we need similar wingers.


  34. j says:

    I think babel really hasn’t been given enough opportunity, when I say this I mean on the RIGHT WING. Not sure anyone has thought of this but I have never seen him playing on the right for a game. Everyone knows he’s going to cut back to his right foot when he’s playing on the left, that makes him so vulunerable to defenders but you can’t blame him for that, he’s a natural right footer. And that alone makes him look so bad cus he fucking loses the ball everytime. But he has that pace, he is physically strong to cut in and be effective in the box. I really hope this comment gets out and we can have a try on this, things can’t get worse than now anyways.

    As for Jan signings, Mata will be good on the left. Just can’t emphasize what kind of difference it will make to have a good winger on your side. Augero is good too, cover for Torres, partner will Torres, or play on the left wing to cut in, either way will be good. No idea for left back but we clearly need one. I don’t think we should buy a lot of players during the coming windows, as it will be really hard for the team to gel in. Most effective way to avoid expensive flops is to use academy products, as they grew up playing in England and very much used to the tempo of the league. Why not give them a try instead of buy buy buy?

  35. paul says:

    Himan sell joe cole! are you for real? sell: kyriacos, aurelio, rodriguez,ngogg,babel,lucas. buy : brian ruiz, juan mata, coentrao and bring back alonso.

    take the 12 or so million for aqualini and whatever we can get for insua and deegan

    johnson agger skyrtel coentrao

    j cole alonso gerrard mata

    torres ruiz

    subs: jones, carragher, koncheskey, jovanovic, poulsen, meirles, kuyt, kelly, pacheco. whay ye think?

  36. Mark says:

    You’re all mad if you think frugal new owners are going to enable you to buy a squad to challenge for the league. Overvaluing your own players and seriously undervaluing everyone else’s. Aguero? No chance in hell. Mata? Dzeko? ditto. Coentrao for 3m when you’re valuing Lucas at 5m? Surely you’re taking the piss

  37. Victor says:

    Fabio coentrao 3million??? Hahahaha, keep dreaming my friend! Benfica has refused 25M€ from bayern munich qnd you think he can go to liverpool for 3M? And second, fabio coentrao plays at benfica, he dont want to do a step back in his career, he’s going to real madrid, manchester united, chelsea or even milan or munich, but never liverpool!!! 3 millions!!! Lolololololol

  38. Tom Jones says:

    1. David Weir
    2. Tomas Brolin
    3. Gus Ceasar
    4. Ryan Giggs

    That should do it.

  39. Sam says:

    Obviously all Liverpool fans are still extremely hesitant about any deal ACTUALLY happening, especially with the re-emergence of the Asian bidders but if I were to dare to dream

    SELL – Babel, Lucas, Ngog, Kyrgiakos, Maxi, Aquilani, Poulson (dont think he can be legally sold in january but definately offload in the summer) and Johnson (before Mourinho realises he is shit)

    Personally I prefer the Asian offer as they assure millions for squad investment (crosses fingers in hope) and along with the remaining Masch money…

    BUY – Mata, Van der Wiel/Mertesacker, Banega/Defour, Aguero/Dzeko/Llorente, Ziegler and if the instability continues possibly make a sneaky bid for Tevez (begins to drool at potential of Tevez, Torres forward line lol)

    Obviously this is a bit unrealistic but this reality is much sweeter to think bout than the one where Blackpool played all over us.

  40. paul says:

    sam all the players you mentioned would cost at least 150million! if possible could we could get alonso back it would sort out midfield but what chance have we of that? I mentioned brian ruiz as a striker from standard liege, I no another 5 strikers could be mentioned but all strikers are a risk when they never played in the premier league before no matter of their proven record in europe. I could be wrong with brian ruiz, its a complete gamble whoever we get as a striker. The english game is so fast most strikers mentioned above which sound appealing mite also struggle with the pace of the english game so its a total gamble, torres adjusted but it was also a gamble with him, luky for us it worked, why i chose ruiz is because he has electric pace, very strong and a serios finisher, I think he was valued around the 15million which would be a bargin, aguero, dzeko etc would all be valued arounf the 30million plus

  41. pete says:

    Ya paul you have a serious point about the potential risks but that football, I seen alot of brian ruiz, a serious operator. Their were talks about him going to liverpool when roy took over, as far as i no roy is an admirer of him. I would actually like to see him at anfield and it wouldnt break the bank I say even less that the 15mil you quoted. He can play alone striker, supporting striker, winger and attacking midfielder. I also think van der wiel from ajax would be the perfect right back and get rid of that waster johnson. Alonso and mata would be very appealing too. You no your footy paul

  42. jj says:

    Ya that guy paul has it right lets buy brian ruiz, im sure we would get him for less than 15million, he is one hell of a player who would cause alot of problems to defenders in england. He would be the best value for money for the quality and ability he has. I would like to see mata and van der wiel bought too and we would all love to get alonso back. If we had those we would be highly competative again

  43. tr says:

    Ya I kinda agree with the last few comments, ruiz, mata and van der wiel, i dont think we need a left back I think koncheskey is a quality determined player who will give you 100% as for insua, aurrelio and deegan. Christ we had some shit left backs : dossena, arbelloa. Koncheskey is a far superior to that crap we had. That center half from fulam looks useful, the big blonde norwiegan. Yes alonso would be great to get him back, but we can tank that prick rafa for that, alonso was quite happy to stay at anfield, poulsen looks out of his comfort zone as does jovanovic, im happy with cole and meirles

  44. annoni says:

    Out: Poulsen, Maxi, Babel, N’Gog, Hodgson, also make the Insua loan deal permanent

    In: Kranjcar, Llorente , Mata, and Lassana Diarra

  45. Laugh out loud funny says:

    Mata, Dzeko, Turan, Shawcross

  46. yoyo says:

    dont want turan hes a fuckin muslim, dzeko not for sale, shawcross would be a failure at anfield

  47. Peadar says:

    James McCarthy…hes going to be quality

  48. Mr. Angry says:

    id like to see, STRIKER:kevin davies, MIDFIELDERS: mata, kranjcar, bale,


    johnson Carragher agger Bale

    aquilani mereiles gerrard

    babel torres mata

    SUBS: jones, skrtel, poulsen, cole, kranjcar, jovanovic, davies…

    I know everyone thinks babel is shit but give the lad a chance in his proper position which is on the RIGHT WING, NOT THE LEFT! he can beat defenders with his pace and whip crosses in… meireles can play just in front of the back four giving johnson and bale attacking options…
    get rid of kuyt ang lucas….

  49. Mr. Angry says:

    i assure you if I was liverpool manager we will win the league every year

  50. enty says:

    i think we should buy ryan shawcross or gary cahill, and a winger like ashley young or mata and also a ddefensive midfielder like gattouso or lassana diarria some body who can challenge and play as an anchor.and also i think we should sign edin dzeko or llorent because we need a target man who can hold the ball up.

  51. Anonymous says:

    First of all
    second sell lucas and poulson..give babel a bit of time he was brilliant in his first seasons ripping defenders to shreds
    Wingers: Either Jesus navas, Mata or Eljero Elia
    Striker: Aguero I hope for, Dzeko Or Llorente
    Midfielders: MAREK HAMSIK or Diarra
    Defenders: Fabio Coentrao and Mexes

  52. Raj says:

    What WE NEED TO GET: A decent second choice RB, A new Right Back, A left Back, two new wingers, a young cover for Gerrard and at least two new strikers

    Buy Arda Turan (swap deal with Jovanovic maybe …), he wants to come to Liverpool. Miguel Veloso he too wants to come to Liverpool, Mario Gomez/Thomas Muller/Llorente and Mario Marin, Juan mata, then Inler is a must

    1. Arda Turan (swap deal with Jovanovic + 3 mil)
    2. Juan Mata (swap deal with Babel + 10 mil)
    3. Gokhan Inler (swap deal with Lucas + 3 mil)
    4. Miguel Veloso 13 mil
    5. Mario Gomez 8 mil
    6. Llorente 6 mil
    7. Steven Taylor 8 mil
    8. Promote Martin Kelly to second choice RB
    9. Mario Marin 8 mil
    10.Fabio Coentrao 6 mil

    1. Poulsen 2 mil
    2. Aquilani 17 mil to Juventus
    3. Konchesky 2 mil
    4. Glen Johnson at least 10 mil
    5. Maxi Rodriguez at least 3 mil
    6. Charles Itandje 500,000
    7. Nathan Eccleston 500,000
    8. Nabil El Zhar 1 mil
    9. Emiliano Insúa 5mil
    10.Philipp Degen 2 mil
    Tot. Income : 43 mil
    Tot. expenditure : 65 mil
    net expenditure : 22 mil

    Surely the new owners can come up with 22 mil

    Reina (VC)

    Steven Taylor Skrtel Agger/Veloso Fabio Conetrao

    Gokhan Inler/ Steven Gerrard (C)
    Raul Meireles

    Kuyt Juan Mata

    Mario Gomez

    Fernando Torres

    Subs: Joe Cole (for Mario Gomez), Llorente, Arda Turan n Mario Marin (for European Nights n cup competitions), Raul Meireles, Agger, Carragher, Kyrgiakos, Martin Kelly

    Solid Back Four, Bank of solid tacklers in inler n Raul Meireles, Pass Master in Gerrard, Maurading Wingers in Jaun Mata, Arda Turan, deadly strikers in Mario Gomez n Torres

  53. Andy says:

    I Would say the best choices for liverpool if they want be unstopable
    Buy :Marko Marin ,Jesus Navas Fabio Conetrao,Liorente,get alonso back
    and buy also diarra and mexes

  54. Belmir says:

    Liverpool should get Ezequiel Lavezzi, or Fernando Llorente for forwards.

    Marko Marin or Mata for LW, and Kranjcar for mid.

    And Conetrao or Mexes for defense.

  55. ready20 says:

    benzema, elia, m’villa, mexes, nuff sed.

  56. ashari jonzzz says:

    i think liverpool must buy safee sali,christian gonzales,firman utina and norshahrul idlan talaha for stiker…keeper basha ahmad and chinese look,firdaus mustapha..and need to sell,steven gerrard, fernando torres and pepe reina from merlimau..i also think roy hogson go to hell and replace him with k. rajagopal or b sathianathan…

  57. Hi I am Simon and I am from Nepal I want to join liver pool when I will come to England in Nepal there is nothing about football. Now I am in 8th grade and i will come to England to study when I will come to England I will visit Liver pool on that time please remember me I loved Toress now he has gone so now I love Suaraze. When Nepal will qualify for world cup then I will see u all I am outstanding in Football I am the best player in my 8th class. I have played foot ball when i was in 4th grade so u have now know me. So please dont disapoint us when in this EPL so buy……… see u when I will be 12th grade OK bye…….

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