Blackpool Have ‘No Chance’ Of Holding Onto Charlie Adam

Chris Wright

25th, October 2010


By Chris Wright

“Adam, brings it down expertly in his own box…ah”

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway has reluctantly admitted that he stands little to no chance of holding onto his influential midfielder Charlie Adam, should any relatively bigger clubs come sniffing around in January:

“I know Charlie’s a brilliant player and I have a lot of good players who, cunningly, we’re not paying a lot of money to. Others will see that and they’ll covet them and then come in.

And I won’t be able to do a damn thing – that’s why I was so vocal the other day. If Sir Alex Ferguson is like that, what chance have I got? Zero.”

Unselfish Adam brought the ball down expertly for Birmingham striker Nikola Zigic to finish from close range during Blackpool’s 2-0 defeat at St. Andrews over the weekend, but Holloway refused to blame the Scot for his mistake:

“Charlie won’t dwell on that mistake. He shouldn’t apologise, he didn’t apologise to anyone after banging in 19 goals last season. There will be a few out there who are jealous that we’ve got him. I’ve just got to mark him in our box – he’s a bit too dangerous near our goal!”

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  1. Shane says:

    Would love to see him at Liverpool.

  2. Ben365 says:

    How old is this guy though? You can’t be serious Shane!

  3. Dave says:

    He’s 24.

  4. gamblino says:

    24?!!! Fuck me!

  5. Ollie Irish says:

    wow, that’s one old-looking 24-year-old.

  6. Shane says:

    @Ben365 No I’m serious. This guy has a sweet left foot (which we don’t have in the team), a wide range of perfect passes (like Alonso had), and grabs a hold of game and makes things happen (just like Gerrard). He was immense against Man City and in a lot of other games that I’ve seen him this season. I think he could be a great player for Liverpool. In all honesty, we’re in 18th position, in a mess and have no hope of Champions League football. Adam would be cheap and sitting in a midfield of Gerrard, Meireles and himself, it would be as close to the very successful partnership of Gerrard, Alonso & Mascherano that we could possible aspire to getting at the moment. I think he would prosper when surrounded by better players.

    Another simple way to look at it. Lucas or Adam? Poulsen or Adam? Maxi or Adam? I know who I’d be picking in my team. 4-5 million for Adam? Yes please!

  7. jamjam says:

    charlie adam,, s master left foot ,, binga bonger !! and its cheap buy ,, good replacement for gerrard ! when stevie G is injured ..!! go on woyyyyyyyy ,,Gettttt in thereeeeee!!!

  8. Ben365 says:

    I’m shocked to hear this from Liverpool fans – signs of desperation perhaps! The guys only played a dozen of games so far in the premier league and yes he has good qualitites but surely he is a decent player in a relegation bound side – without being disrepectful to either blackpool or fans alike. Given the money Liverpool have wasted over the years it could be worth a risk for 4-5m being only 24 – and yes I agree, thats one old looking 24 year old. IMO I thought Liverpool (and their fans) would be aiming higher when looking for potential signings!

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