Arsenal Lead The Chase For One Of The Bundesliga’s Brightest Talents

Chris Wright

3rd, November 2010


By Chris Wright

Reports emanating from Germany this morning are suggesting that Arsenal have moved into ‘pole position’ in the race to sign Werder Bremen’s semi-dwarven winger Marko Marin – although I’m not altogether sure what ‘moving into pole position’ actually constitutes.

Marin cost Bremen £7 million when he joined them from Borussia Monchengladbach in June of last year, but his form since has seen his value spiral to somewhere between £15-20 million.

Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham and Bayern Munich have all been linked with the 21-year-old Germany international over the past few months, although it seems that Arsene Wenger is now favourite to snap him up, given that Arsenal are really struggling for 5 foot nothing attacking midfielders at the moment.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s what the ‘German Messi’ got up to last season…

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  1. spectator says:

    can he play in goal?

  2. Ollie Irish says:


  3. stoichkov's left says:

    I could see Arsene signing him for 12 mil and selling Arshavin on for 20

  4. QueerAsFuß says:

    Good! Get him out of Bundesliga. :P Anybody but Bayern München take him!(would love it to be Arsenal! Especially if ManUnited snag Bastian Schweinsteiger. Actually I’d rather Arsenal have Scweinsteiger and ManUnited have Marin.;) Please just don’t take Höwedes from S04 Arsenal!)
    I think we(FCSchalke04)’ll be chillin’ down in the Bundesliga2 next year so I suppose it doesn’t matter much what awesomeness of the moment Werder have dug up to help them up in the big time 1.

    I don’t hold Marin’s “disappointing” showing the WC against him. Up until the last few games we were on fire! Being average in those matches was pretty damn good. I’m not sure on the Messi comparison. They are about the same height and weight but Messi has a minutes/goals of about 90 and Marin of 421! Big difference! Marin is a mid and Messi a forward but Schaaf does give Marin more freedom to attack/roam on the left than he usually does his mid on the right(or plays him freely right with Hunt in the middle) but I still wouldn’t christen him a “Messi” yet.
    I think he’s a solid young player and can only get better- he is(or was) compared to Özil often; and it is often pointed out that Özil is also fast and skilled but a notch above marin being a more experienced and much more intelligent in his plays kind of Spieler. Luckily play-sense and maturity in his play are two things Marin can improve over time. Throw him in into EPL and he’ll be great backing for the superstar strikers + snag a few goals along the way. In a few seasons he’ll blossom in his own right.

    His crazy taking-self-way-to-seriously-webpage kind of makes him seem like a douche but I find he comes across very sensible for such a young fellow in his interviews.

    Man….how do Bremen keep getting these guys? I still remember when Diego scored a goal from so far away he didn’t even realise it actually went in. He had to ask the guys around him if it actually went in. And it was shown in every Bundesliga recap show and montage for the whole damn season. It was awesome but…disheartening for any non-Grün-Weißeners.
    Thomas Schlaaf and his scouts are doing a fabulous job finding and snagging these fantastic players. Fair play to them!
    Or, as a Knappen, bitter resentment…either way. :P

  5. Steppenwolf says:

    its better as an ozil vid than as a marin one, he doesnt impress me much

    whos got eyes on mario gotze?? that kid is wunderbar!

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