Seattle Sounders Star To Train With Everton

Chris Wright

22nd, November 2010


By Chris Wright

Seattle Sounders forward Steve Zakuani (who apparently models his hair on the Hampton Court maze) has revealed via the American side’s official website that he has been invited to train with Everton for a few days later this week.

The MLS season has just finished (congrats to the Colorado Rapids, who clinched their first ever title with a 2-1 extra-time victory over Dallas), freeing up it’s players to pursue European loan/training ventures, as LA Galaxy poster-boy Landon Donovan did with the Toffees this time last season.

Zakuani was born in Kinshasa, DR Congo, before moving to London to begin his footballing career with Arsenal.

He was released in 2002 for being too ‘cocky and brash’ for the Gunners’ taste, so the young forward opted to move to America, where he has since blossomed into one of the brightest prospects in MLS.

Speaking to, Zakuani said:

“As for my off season plans, I plan to spend a few days in London visiting old friends and family before going up to Liverpool to train with Everton for a few days.”

Can’t say I know an awful lot about this boy Zakuani, other than he sounds a little rough around the edges according to most reports – which is forgivable seeing as he is only 22-years-old.

Can any of our more MLS-savvy readers enlighten us? Would it be worth Everton taking a punt on him, considering that goals from actual strikers are a little thin on the ground at Goodison of late?

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  1. Lucas says:

    He is pretty effective, able to make something happen on the field when its needed.He is fast!!! He does have an aura around him of cockiness but it doesnt shine through too much. I would take a chance on him.

  2. Balotelli lite says:

    Balotelli lite. Good speed and control with occasional brilliance but a bit of a mentalist. Disappears for long stretches during games. But if my choices are Yak and Saha, I’d get him in a heartbeat.

  3. Connor says:

    Has definitely matured in the past 2 years, the cockiness disappeared. His first year for the sounders he was pretty raw, but his finishing has really come on this year and he’s looked dangerous. Don’t think he’s ready for a return to england yet but it could definitely happen in his future, he’s turning into one of MLS’s brightest stars.

  4. Fnarf says:

    He’s lightning fast down the wing. He still doesn’t always know what to do when he gets to the end. He’s gotten better; last year he quite often would rocket a shot thirty yards wide of goal into the corner at the end of his run. Now he’s learning how to move inside or cross. A bit. I don’t know how much help he’ll bring Everton but I think a few months training with them will help Sounders quite a bit.

  5. yankmanc says:

    hes does a decent messi impersonation on the right wing….

  6. yankmanc says:

    *left wing rather

  7. Colin says:

    Best player Seattle has baring maybe Alonso, all the comments above are accurate about his shortcomings. But you simply cannot discount his pace, if he keeps developing his game in the next few years he will be even better than he is now. Definitely work taking a risk on, the US National team should be doing everything it can to get him.

  8. Colin says:

    Also as a Sounders fan I’ve been dreading this, it was only a matter of time before people starting noticing that Zakauni is above MLS, that being said I’d love to watch him i the EPL, hes certainly better than some other players over there…the name Hesky comes to mind….

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  10. kritter says:

    I’m a sounders season-ticket holder. I’ve never seen any “brashness” or him being a “mentalist.” He’s always seemed to have his head on straight; he’s a responsible kid that has a charity and all that. He’s fast for the MLS, I don’t think he’ll blow anyone away in the Prem as it is a fast league. He’s got a poor first touch, but is good with some space. He’s not afraid to take a fullback on, outside for a cross or inside for a shot. He’s naturally right footed but plays on the left, but has improved quite a bit with his weaker foot’s crosses.

    He’s horrific off the ball in the run of play. Doesn’t know what to do and looks lost (which is weird for a kid who spent so much time at Arsenal–probably why they dropped him). With the ball at his feet and on counter attack he’s dangerous though.

    He’s worth his weight in platinum at MLS level. I don’t think he’ll add much to Everton, though. Donovan’s much better. I don’t think Moyes will attempt to buy him. If he does, I doubt he’ll go for more than £2 mil transfer fee (not that it’ll help Sounders any, damn parity rule…)

  11. Jeff says:

    Sounders season ticket holder here. Comments above are accurate. He was drafted by the Sounders out of US college soccer. You can tell he was faster than everyone on that level and didn’t need anything other than that to be successful. This year, he’s become more creative and decisive in breaking down fullbacks. He’s taken his defensive responsibilities more seriously as time has gone on. Off the ball, he can be very frustrating to watch. He often gets in the way of teammates and doesn’t quite know where to be. I think he’ll get it. Completely outclassed by Donovan and Beckham in the MLS playoffs a couple weeks ago, though that is hardly a shame.

  12. goonerallday says:

    He is a top young player. He is not cocky at all does a hell a lot for charity and is a great role-model to any kid who at 19,20.21 that you can make it with the right head on. Ljungberg said that he would be playing in europe within 3 years when he played with him. Given time he will be a very good player.He was not let go at arsenal for anything to do with his attitude it was his development they wanted him to play a year higher and they didn’t think he was developed enough. Hopefully he will turn out to be a great player for Everton and very cheap!

  13. Garlic Man says:

    If he was released by Arsenal in 2002, he would have been 14 years young. At that time in his life, he was looking for direction. He’s now found his direction. Fairly accurate comments from the Sounders FC fans (which I am also a season ticket holder). He is developing, getting better on D, much more creative moving inside as well as down the wing. The person who commented that he’s lost going down the line has obviously not seen the masterful way he has set up multiple goals by getting past defenders and cutting the ball back to his teammates. Don’t think he’ll end up at Everton, but he is for sure someone to watch down the road!

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