David Beckham has fishy breath & scorched Golden Balls


2nd, July 2008

More ridiculous rumours from Beckhamworld
Rumour 1 Becks has stinky fish breath, due to the fact he takes fish oil tablets every day – he’s contracted as the face of Go3 Omega-3 supplements, and reportedly loves the energy the tablets give him. Yeah, because taking fish oil tablets gives you fish breath. Next… [Hollyscoop]

Rumour 2 Becks was left with “red hot genitals”, when the heated leather seats in his 4×4 jammed on the highest setting. Beckham then had to pull over in full view of fans and paparazzi to deal with his scorching manhood.
“One minute he was tearing across Los Angeles, the next, he was rolling down his windows, panting and staring down at his crotch in horror,” an eye-witness said. [Thaindian]
I’d like to believe this story, but it’s almost certainly bullshit.

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