Hogwash Ahoy! Ronaldinho In Talks With Liverpool

Chris Wright

8th, December 2010


By Chris Wright

Sifting through the morning’s batch of transfer gossip on a daily basis leaves you dangerously exposed to some of the most frightful guff, but a doff of the proverbial cap must go to Daily Star today, who have managed to scale new heights (‘heights’ is definitely not the right word) of rumour-mongering by pulling an absolute belter out of the clear blue ether.

According to the rag’s Italian sources, Liverpool have opened talks with AC Milan over bringing Ronaldinho to Anfield in January, as the buck-toothed Brazilian show-pony is out of contract in the summer and the Rossoneri are keen to recoup somewhere between €5-10 million for him while they still can.

Bless ’em for trying, but that’s some world class hogwash right there.

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  1. spectator says:

    his head is like a light-bulb with teeth. woy only signs players that look like bond villains.

  2. schabe says:

    Even Lucas Leiva’s got involved now! I very much doubt Liverpool will pay him 6million a year and he’s up to win Italy’s most disappointing player award.

    Nice try from the Daily Star though, so you know it was those sporting giants Itasportpress.it that reported Hodgson was interested.

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