Hillsborough Shame Goalkeeper Finally Leaves Liverpool

Ollie Irish

8th, December 2010


By Ollie Irish

Bad taste bear: Charlie Itandje

“Liverpool FC has released Charles Itandje from his contract and the goalkeeper has signed a two and half year contract with Greek Super League club Atromitos.

“He will officially join the Athens-based club on January 1, 2011.”

Via Liverpoolfc.tv

I hear Liverpool fans cry “good riddance, la!” in unison, and not because Itandje is a rubbish keeper (though he’s no Pepe Reina) – the Frenchman will never be forgiven for acting the twat at the 20th-anniversary service for Hillsborough…

Itandje also once attended a Liverpool Xmas party dressed as Osama Bin Laden. He is the Frankie Boyle of football, clearly.

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  1. George says:

    He’s still a massive prick for his behaviour in the video, but acording to the link you posted, it wasn’t him who dressed up as Bin Laden

    ‘Mail midlfielder Momo Sissokko stormed in as terror chief Osama Bin Laden’

  2. Tom Jones says:

    What did he do wrong in the video?
    Appearing to be liking the god awful song?

  3. Big H says:

    Did’nt see what he did wrong their. Still its not like Liverpool fans to overreact is it? I’d be struggling to keep a straight face listening to that shite, regardless of the content.

    Cringe cakes all round, ideal for professional mourners F.C aka Liverpool F.C

  4. Matty P says:

    Shame? Really? That’s setting the bar pretty low…

  5. Jon says:

    Further down in the article it says it was our man Itandje in said costume, whose name I don’t think anyone knows how to pronounce.

    About time he left too.

  6. Pete says:

    good riddance

  7. Jh says:

    @Tom Jones and Big H

    It wasn’t so much of the song. Do you realize the context of it though, it’s the Hillsborough memorial, and it’s a solemn ceremony remembering the 96 who died in that disaster. There are times for laughter and there are times which call for being serious – this simply wasn’t the place for any mischief by Itandje, especially with him being a player and an employee at Liverpool Football Club, you’d at least expect some respect and formal behaviour from him.

  8. juancullo says:

    what did he do wrong?? lfc will moan at anything

  9. PhilandoTorres says:

    Th controversy actually came when he was leaving. He walked past a camera laughing (open mouthed, I might add) as everyone else walked off quietly.

  10. Montesquieu says:

    juancullo, tom jones and big h.

    Are you serious?

    I have no love for Liverpool. I can’t stand their constant banter about their history, but for fuck sakes ninety-six individuals lost their lives, all because the cops and stadium authorities were ill prepared to deal with anything out of the ordinary.

    Who the hell cares what team they supported, no one deserves to die (I can’t fucking see how you can justify saying that anyone does no matter what they may have done; I don’t mean individuals like Hitler and Stalin who killed millions. Just regular men and women and children).

  11. Chris says:

    The only tragedy is the fact that we could not have gotten some decent music to honour those poor people that died in the disaster. This is the biggest load of crap. It’s like someone’s uncle Jerry with a karaoke machine out there. Could we have not spared the expense?? Who gives a rip about Itandje?

  12. Kevin Barry says:

    the one’s who acted the fools were the one’s who caused the stampede!!

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