Zagreb Chief Claims Luka Modric Is Chelsea’s ‘First Pick’

Chris Wright

21st, December 2010


By Chris Wright

Dinamo Zagreb vice-president Zdravko Mamic is running his mouth in The Sun this morning, claiming to have the inside track on Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti‘s desperation to land Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric sooner rather than later.

Mamic is known to be a close personal friend of Modric, and it was he that assisted heavily in engineering the Croatian star’s £16.5 million move from Zagreb to White Hart Lane back in 2008.

The Dinamo chief apparently met Ancelotti for lunch recently, over which the Italian admitted that Modric is now firmly at the top of his transfer wishlist:

“I was with Ancelotti for lunch. I was very proud when I heard what he said about Modric. Luka is top of his list, his first pick when it comes to new signings.

“I’m not Modric’s agent, I am just his friend, but I am very proud. I don’t want to say anything more because I don’t want to upset my friends at Tottenham.”

It’s a tad late for all that, I’d wager.

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  1. Paul says:

    Blah,blah and oh wait for it…BLAH.

    Chelsea don’t worry us Tottenham fans. They have NEVER bought a player we wanted to keep off us. It’s simply down to standing in the game and Chelsea are basically West Ham but with a sugar daddy.

    Man United are the ones to worry about when it comes to Modric and co.
    Still, all tied down to long term contracts(unlike Carrick and Berbatov) and Levy holds all the aces. I don’t see any of Bale, VDV or Modric playing anywhere else other than White Hart Lane next season.
    Levy would demand at least 40m for both Modric and VDV and probably in excess of 50m for Bale.
    Nobody is paying that, not even City.

  2. JimB says:

    Chelsea can’t afford Modric. They made a loss of £44.4 million in 2009.

    If they want to continue to play in the Champions League, they have to balance the books. UEFA’s new financial fair play rules will see to that.

    So Chelsea will not be big net spenders in the transfer market any time soon. Not until they’ve got their finances under control.

    Besides, Modric has just signed a six year deal. He is very happy where he is. And Spurs are very happy with him. They won’t sell (especially not to a major London rival).

    Nothing story. Move on.

  3. Sleeba says:

    “Chelsea are basically West Ham but with a sugar daddy.”
    Nothing wrong in that.

  4. fabregash says:

    I’d play for West Ham if they had a sugar daddy…so I guess I’d play for Chelski (all of this assuming I had a lick of footballing talent)

  5. stuart says:

    gone are the days of Spurs selling thier best players to (would be) rival clubs

  6. chealski says:

    have all u yids been sniffing glue? the way u talk u would think u had one the treble !!! news flash u beat a inter team a shadow of themselves!! u have one half descent player in bale, who had two exceptional games this year and then u have the cheek to compare him to ronaldo or messi ? lol lets not forget u were heading for relegation not so long ago, bit of reality for u!! youll b playin europa next year and should b greatfull of that , know your place!!! ahahahahahahaha

  7. johnson says:

    If chelsea really want Modric, they can no matter the amount, The real issues is Does spurs really want to sell or one of those rumours. the talk about been/being sugar Daddy is simply Childish. Grow up Lads.

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