Robbie Savage To Join New MLS Franchise Vancouver Whitecaps

Chris Wright

13th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

Barnesy needed no excuse to provide the panel with a rendition of ‘The Anfield Rap’ on ESPN’s pitchside Casio

Derby County’s flaxen-haired maiden Robbie Savage has revealed that he has received an offer from all-new MLS franchise Vancouver Whitecaps to finish his career out in Canadialand.

Speaking via his ubiquitous Twitter feed, Savage told the waking world:

“The presentation that the Whitecaps made to me was brilliant. To be honest, it blew me away. In a way, I wish the presentation hadn’t been so good.

“They are a new team in the MLS, they’re moving to a new £300m stadium and they are very ambitious. The chance to be part of making soccer popular in America, alongside people like David Beckham and Thierry Henry, is obviously very tempting.

“Derby have got a big decision to make and if they say I can go, then so have I.

“I am fully committed to Derby and seeing out the end of my contract there but Vancouver have asked whether they will release me so I can be ready for the MLS season starting in March.

“But it is up to Derby now, and depending on what they say I will then talk to my family, and to the BBC and ESPN.”

This must happen, although I guess it means Sav’s big-money move to Man City is now dead in the water.

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  1. Markell says:

    But what happened to moving to Manchester City over the summer? Oh, Robbie…

  2. Chris says:

    @Markell: Such a let down!

  3. Markell says:

    I’m crying my eyes out… Completely gutted, I just dont know what to do with myself…

  4. syndex says:

    thank christ can we get someone who is slightly less of a twat for present 606 now

  5. Dan says:

    “The chance to be part of making soccer popular in America…”, even though he’d be going to Canada. Sure it’s a 2 nation league, but the quote proves that nobody really cares about Canada. They’re too busy playing with their sticks and wanking to pictures of Sidney Crosby. Personally I think it’s BS that there’s 2 new Canadian teams joining the MLS when there’s 5 or 6 American cities still waiting on a franchise.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Blimey – is Robbie now so popular on Twitter that they’ve relaxed the 140char limit just for him?

    Or have you in fact lifted these quotes from the Daily Mirror instead?

  7. __wowza says:

    hey dan, care to comment on the fact that toronto FC had broken every league attendance record in their inaugural year? or how we sent down 5000 canadians to columbus? or how the commissioner of the league told us we single-handedly restarted fan interest (evident in his quote that after we joined became MLS 2.0)?

    after vancity and montreal do the same, THEN you can trumpet how miami should get a second shot at the big time, or what a good prospect the rochester rhinos would be for a promotion.

  8. Rob says:

    Is he on the left or right of John Barnes in the photo?

  9. Grant says:


    Unfortunately none of that makes up for the fact that you have beavers, ducks, and hockey players on your money.

  10. Montesquieu says:

    Shit Lookalike: Robbie Savage and Lucius Malfoy

  11. Dan says:

    2010 Seattle: 36,173
    2009 Seattle: 30,897
    1996 Los Angeles: 28,916
    2008 Los Angeles: 26,009
    2007 Los Angeles: 24,252
    2005 Los Angeles: 24,204
    1996 MetroStars: 23,898
    2004 Los Angeles: 23,809
    2003: Los Angeles: 21,983
    1998 Los Angeles: 21,784
    2001: D.C. United 21,518
    1997 New England: 21,423
    2006 Los Angeles: 20,814
    2002: Colorado: 20,687
    2000 Los Angeles: 20,400
    1999 Columbus: 17,696

    2. Never mentioned Miami or Rochester
    3. Get your own league and see how the attendence goes
    4. I’d rather go to Columbus than Toronto too
    5. Make the playoffs then talk shit

  12. mike damone says:

    an even better shit lookalike: Robbie Savage and Faramir from the lord of the rings.

  13. Jon says:

    Dan you sound self-concious and butthurt, not to mention ignorant. I’m an American but have been to Canada and have seen the Canadian MLS teams play and there is no reason not to give them the franchises they have been awarded. Although the system is flawed, the idea is that the cities with the most viable market for the sport and support for the club will get the franchise (and those who will pay the most for it). From what I hear Vancouver had a very well-put together, viable and ambitious framework laid out for their franchise and that is why they won.

    Also, It’s partly owned by Steve Nash. That can only be excellent for the MLS. That dude is so much win and loves the sport. Good luck to Vancouver.

    Now, on the Robbie Savage note – I can not wait until he comes to New York (*ahem* New Jersey) for a match. I will be there extra early to hurl insults at that twat. What a bag of fermented dog shit he is.

  14. Fnarf says:

    The Whitecaps are also capitalizing on a decades-long rivalry with their neighbors Seattle (and Portland to the south) in the old NASL as well as more recent lower leagues.

    Consider too that the Sounders traveled well over 50,000 air miles last season, twice around the globe, and their shortest away journey, to San Jose, was much farther than any Premier League team’s LONGEST. We need regional rivals.

    Also, Vancouver is a terrific city, much nicer than any of the American contenders. So’s Toronto; anyone who’d rather visit Columbus, OH than Toronto is bonkers.

    Plus, the Sounders will enjoy grinding Mr. Savage into the turf.

  15. Connor says:

    sounders needed local rivals, now I just hope the away allocation is more than the ridiculous 500 portland gave us so that i can see us win away from home… been disappointed in LA twice already :(

  16. DJ says:

    Would have been better if he had gone to Australia as it’s about as far away from the UK as he can get but Canada is pretty far so that will do.

  17. Hmmm says:

    I wonder what will happen with all these northern teams if the MLS changes to a winter format. COuld it be the beginning of dome football?

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