Real Madrid Edge ‘Klose’ To Shock Loan Swoop

Chris Wright

14th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

That was fiendishly clever wasn’t it? You see…’Klose’ sounds an awful lot like ‘closer’ doesn’t it?

Sometimes I amaze myself.

Pointless babbling aside, it looks as though Real Madrid, in a desperate attempt to not end up with Man City ingrate Emmanuel Adebayor on their books, have turned their attention to securing Bayern Munich’s one-trick pony (‘scoring shed loads of goals at major international tournaments whilst systematically maxing out at 5 domestic goals every season’ being his one trick) Miroslav Klose on loan until the end of the season.

Klose’s agent, Alexander Schuett, told Bild:

“There have been some enquiries from Spain. Also there have been some tentative enquiries from Real Madrid, but nothing more than that at the moment.”

Real are scrabbling to replace Gonzalo Higuain before the end of January, after the Argentine striker was ruled out for the next four months with a herniated spine earlier in the week.


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  1. SamHumphreys says:

    3,10,10,13,25,15,10,9,16,9 Is his domestic goal tally, from most recent to oldest in any season he played more than two games.

    Bit harsh.

  2. Fredmeister says:

    I herniated my spine once, hurt like a motherbitch.

  3. Steve says:

    I’ve no idea how you can herniate a spine, but I’m sure as hell don’t want to find out.

  4. Chris says:

    @Sam: ‘Twas was only a joke Sir, honest!

  5. Dan says:

    Gomez and Muller are on a tear right now, but I think that Bayern would be reluctant to let him go with a huge CL fixture against Inter coming up. They need someone more experienced than Muller up front; against bottom table clubs the kid can get a hat trick but he seems to stumble when they need him to succeed (i.e. CL final). Miro provides good depth, when he isn’t injured of course

  6. Samhumphreys says:


    Sorry, I just like Miroslav Klose and it wasn’t really funny considering it’s a long way off

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