Hypocrite Steve Bruce Massively ‘Let Down’ By Darren Bent

Chris Wright

19th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

“Show me the money!” (shrugs)

Via a rather snippy statement on the club’s official site, Sunderland manager Steve Bruce (who is perhaps not the strongest candidate to be lecturing anybody about loyalty to a cause) has admitted that he, and everyone else at the club, feels ‘massively let down’ by Darren Bent‘s £24 million defection to the Villa.

So said Bruce:

“It’s hugely disappointing that Darren has decided that his future lies away from Sunderland and the players, our supporters and the club as a whole has every right to feel massively let down.

“The timing is especially hard to take, given that we are progressing positively and are in a great position to push on.

“Everyone has been nothing but supportive of Darren in his time at Sunderland but it’s obvious he’s not been himself in training and and we’ve certainly not seen the best of him in games in recent weeks – and now we understand why.”

Meanwhile, Bent himself has batted away suggestions that he may be about to flake at Villa Park, insisting he is capable of managing the expectations put upon him by his new employers:

“When I first went to Spurs [for a big transfer fee], I was so nervous. It did play a massive part in my mind and it probably got me down at times. But I’m older and more wise now.”

You hear that? He’s more wise now. Everything’s going to be fine.

More pics of Benty’s first shoot at the Villa:

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  1. the ghost of ted drake says:

    Is this the same steve bruce who has walked out on five managerial jobs?

  2. bruciebonus says:

    Haha this coming from Steve Bruce? POT-KETTLE-BLACK

  3. Ollie Irish says:

    ted drake, that is one massively salient point. well played.

  4. carl says:

    Poor steve,

    at least he now knows how wigan felt when he stole cattermole and bramble off us. I really feel for him at this moment in time (ha ha)

  5. davey_lad says:

    I think you’ll find that Bruce walked out of other positions because of extenuating circumstances… with the exception of Wigan in which all the correct channels and processes where followed to bring him to Sunderland. Anyone who thinks Wigan to Sunderland wasn’t a step up the managerial ladder is kidding themselves.

    Also, what Bruce is hinting at here is the total bullshit that Bent has spouted over his 18 months at SAFC … i.e. I love the club, fans, region… let me sign a new contract… i’m happy here etc etc.

    This change happended so quickly that it’s obvious he’s been tapped up & Sunderland have been played. There’s only one reason you’d go to a club in a relegation fight and seemingly moving backwards from one in a Euro spot fight and seemingly moving forwards. Money.

    So.. bullshit + money move equals “massively let down”

  6. lerneravfc says:

    so let down they made no effort whatsoever to keep him.

  7. davey_lad says:


    I guess they just didn’t want to have the same sort of saga that happened with Rooney & Tevez. The attitude being noone is bigger than the club so lets milk Villa for what we can & move on. Plus, it was immediately clear the SAFC fans wouldn’t have him back.. I actually applaud SAFC for that stance TBH.

  8. syndex says:

    bottom line 24 million for a striker worth 6 million tops, I am surprised not to see bruce wandering round the statium of light with a comedy bag’o’swag.

  9. syndex says:

    sorry didn’t realise quite how pony my spelling is

  10. Marcus Black says:

    So as Bruce has left a few places (always either with good reason or for good money)

    Has he been let down? Yes, why shouldn’t he say that?

    Bent called Sunderland his home and was talking of getting a SAFC badge tattooed on himself and ending his career at SAFC – until a club fighting relegation came calling.

    Has Steve Bruce been let down?? Of course he has

  11. Kev says:

    Toon fan here, Bruce is right to complain, Bents behaviour was/is appalling, but got to say, if the club felt so strongly they should have prevented him from leaving as they held his contract, money talks both ways, greedy player and in the end a greedy club, Sunderlands two main goal scorers allowed to leave (Jones and Bent) and no real replacements. Worrying time for the Makems, if they are stuck we will let Xisco go for 20M.

  12. Jedders says:

    he was just scared about having to perform in the europa league, bless him.

  13. Seanie-O says:

    Bent is a total mercenary. Mind you I find it amusing that Villa have paid that much for a player who blatantly isn’t worth it. Wonder where money for this transfer was when O’Neill walked out?

  14. Holtender says:

    How on earth has DB done anything wrong here, Sunderland accepted a bid for him, told him after the Geordie game, told him to go & think about it, he decided to go. All of a sudden he’s a mercenary who’s let the poor mackams down, sorry, complete bull. If they didn’t want to sell him then don’t accept the bid, simple. Now to come out whinging ‘how we’ve all been let down’, ‘he’s crap anyway’ ‘good ridance’ grow up & move on. Bloody playground stuff. Steve ‘potato head’ Bruce, pot kettle black…!!!

  15. Mr. Angry says:


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