Emmanuel Adebayor, the prince of ingrates

Ollie Irish

24th, June 2009


After spending much of last summer talking out of turn about a possible transfer to Milan, it seems Emmanuel Adebayor has learned absolutely nothing.
The player’s agent, Stephane Courbis, has been mouthing off again, on his client’s behalf. In an interview with Calciomercato.it, Courbis talked about Adebayor’s future:
“As of today, I have not even got evidence to speak of presumed interest from Chelsea and Manchester United.
“It’s a given fact that Carlo Ancelotti likes the player seeing that last year he tried to sign him for Milan, although Chelsea have not contacted us.
“We have not received any calls, not from Milan or Ancelotti. Another team has contacted us, but I cannot say anything, it’s a very important team.”

First thing to say: Adebayor is an unbelievably deluded ingrate. No wonder Gooners are desperate to get rid of the dickface and bring in someone who can a) score goals regularly, and b) keep his mouth shut.
Even if Adebayor does want to leave, why does his agent have to air this shit in public? If I was a footballer and my agent talked about my career in public, I’d sack the f**ker. It’s hardly the best way to keep Arsenal’s fans on his side.
And Arsenal aren’t an important team? Without Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, it’s fair to say Adebayor would be a nobody, or less of a star at least.
Gooners, do you want Ade to stay or go?

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  1. joe says:

    see ya later hitabarndoor

  2. Big Phill says:

    Why on earth Arsenal did not cash in on Adebayor laste summer,just beggers belief.
    Another very poor desicion by Wenger and the board..
    It was clear he is usless, yes he scored 30 plus goals but with the service our midfield provided any half decent striker would have a bagged alot of goals.
    whats most upsetting is yet again Wenger shows loyalty to a player who did no deserve it….
    Adebayor cleary wanted to enginear a move or get a hefty pay rise which he did.
    Arsenal showed no loyalty to Flamini a far mose usefull player
    We now well sell Ade for 24/25 million if we are lucky
    When last season 30 to 35 million was reported……we also wasted….. 1 YEARS wages at 90k a week on Adebayor.
    No wonder we are the 3rd highest spenders on wages… when I look at the squad we have some very average players.
    Another fine mess you got us into wenger!!!!!!

  3. He has to go. Be glad to see the back of him

  4. Louwrens says:

    Language, Ollie.

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