Transfer Toss: Ashley Cole rejects Chelsea contract, Real Madrid interested

Ollie Irish

4th, July 2009


Will Cashley join Real Madrid’s All-New Galacticos? In a word, no
A certain red-topped tabloid newspaper claims that everyone’s favourite left-back has rejected Chelsea’s latest contract offer, reportedly because he wants the same sort of mega cash (£100,000+ a week) that his England team-mates, John Terry and Frank Lampard, are on.
Since everyone seems to think that Real Madrid’s ridonkulous summer shopping list features Cole, it makes some sense to assume that this ‘news’ will prompt Real to get in touch with Cole’s agent.
Will Cole end up at Madrid? It’s extremely unlikely – less than 5% likely, I’d say. He’s very settled at Chelsea and is reportedly keen to see what Carlo Ancelotti can bring to the team next season.

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  1. Joe says:

    Don’t be so naive, Ollie. After all, this is the man who regarded 50k a week as “insulting” before jumping ship to one of the biggest rivals of the team that made him. He fancies himself a bit of a Beckham (he already has a better looking, more talented missus), so this would fit right in his honourless plan.

  2. Michael says:

    He is “Cashley” for a reason. Madrid NEED a leftback above all else and Cole fits the bill perfectly. An experienced, attacking leftback who is easily persuaded by the money.

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