Transfer Toss: Manchester City target Carles Puyol

Ollie Irish

7th, July 2009


Spanish rag Sport claims that Man City want to bring Carles Puyol from the Camp Nou to Eastlands.
New Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has told City to stay the hell away from John Terry, and even though JT and Mark Hughes were spotted at the same Dubai resort recently, it now seems 99% certain that Terry will not be wearing sky blue next season.
And so City have looked even further south for a defensive rock, to Spain. But Puyol, 31, is an extremely proud Barca player and I very much doubt he’d even consider a move to Manchester. And why would he? He’s not the sort of footballer who has ever appeared to be motivated by money.
So will we see Puyol in a City shirt for 09/10? No way José.
Pub quiz ammo: Puyol began his football career as a goalkeeper. After a persistent shoulder injury, he moved to striker, then to defensive midfielder and finally into the back four. Waffly versatile, eh.

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  1. Blue_heart says:

    Just writen to have a go at Manchester City.
    You are complete arse hole.

  2. Ollie says:

    Oh dear. School’s out, is it?

  3. Kipp says:

    Puyol is terrible he’d only be a liability in the prem as a starting centre-half.
    Man city need to take note of who they should be really buying.
    Lescott would be ideal

  4. K says:

    Oh, City. It’s almost sad.
    They need to start aiming for players who will actually come to them and not the likes of Terry and Puyol. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the bitters just look like twats trying to compete with the big European teams.
    You’ve got the money, have a bit of patience and build up your squad with half decent players. It’ll take a couple of seasons but it saves the embarassement of being turned down every week.
    Big players don’t want to come 10th in the premiership.

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