Who the hell does John Terry think he is?

Ollie Irish

12th, July 2009


This from The Times:
‘Though [John] Terry has had several injuries in recent seasons, Chelsea continue to insist he is “not for sale at any price”. The club are, however, mindful of dealings with Terry over his last contract talks in 2007, when he signed a five-year deal.
‘During those negotiations, Terry asked for a 10-year contract that included a clause guaranteeing he would be the club’s best-paid player for the duration of the deal. The defender also wanted an option to become Chelsea’s manager when he retired from playing.’

Just a taste of the ‘character’ of England’s captain there.
According to reports, JT – who bleeds Chelsea blue, so he tells us all the time – does now want to speak to Man City about a possible move, and said as much to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich in a meeting yesterday afternoon.
It can be hard to find anything good to say about Terry, but this beggars belief. How quickly loyalty evaporates when obsecene amounts of money are plonked on the table. I suppose I would feel differently if I was offered the chance to earn £250,000 a week (a week!!), but Terry is already on six figures a week – does he really want or need more cash? Or is it more about a new challenge?
For their part, Chelsea should take the money – from the new Chelsea, ironically – and run. Terry has given them many seasons of fine service (I don’t argue against that), but now is the perfect time to get rid of a player who has way too much dressing-room power.

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  1. John Terry says:

    Who the hell does this site think it is?

  2. stonedwasherman says:

    cunt, thats who he is

  3. Anonymous says:

    Like every player, terry does have his price. But unless we are offered 200 mil for him, he ain’t going anywhere.

  4. shandy41 says:

    if he wants to go to that shit then fuck him.
    if he wants to stay then he should stop these rumours dead. either way he’s acting like a prick by even contemplating going to a shit team like city, who could buy 11 world class players and will still be shit.

  5. Moussa KZ. says:

    guys just stop talking sh** about him until its true he’s moving to manchester city!

  6. Gino - Malta says:

    The fact that JT is a great player no one can deny, but if he wants to go let him go, it was bound to happen someday… I’ll tell you this personally if I met you, John, as much as admire you I’ll tell you that Cemeteries are full of people who thought they were indispensable. If you go someone else will take your place and The Blue Flag Will Still Be Flying High!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Been watching Chelsea for best part of 30 years now, and seen many good players come and go.
    Terry isn’t half the player he was 2 years ago, he’s injury prone, got a bigger ego than salary, and is fast getting worst than better.
    We should take the money, tell him to fuck off, then call him a cunt and a user when he comes back playing for Man City.

  8. peter gill says:

    Since when is a world class player defined by the ability to snarl your lip, clench your fist, cry like a girl eveytime your team loses a big game, throw your head in where boots are flying and shout “‘ave it”. Terry is a plodder from the adams/keown mould. Chelsea should be laughing the asses off that someone is willing to pay 40 million for him. A meathead from hackney marshes could look decent with cech behind them and essien/lampard in front.

  9. Rob says:

    “if he wants to go to that shit then fuck him.
    if he wants to stay then he should stop these rumours dead. either way he’s acting like a prick by even contemplating going to a shit team like city, who could buy 11 world class players and will still be shit.”

  10. jo says:

    it’s nice to see loyal chelsea fans,,, ha ha ha. you’re supposed to respect what he’s achieved…mind you if this is your loyalty to a player is it any wonder he wants to leave!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Erm, why should the fans show loyalty to a player that won’t show loyalty to the fans. If we wern’t true fans we wouldn’t give a fuck would we. We have respected what hes achieved. All through his career, chelsea fans have been fully behind him, giving all their support. Not once have we questioned him or turned against him. Even when the rest of england don’t like him, we stick up for him. And he shows his loyalty to us by fueling rummours that he could move to a crap team like city. If he wants our respect he should put and end to all this talk asap.

  12. Anonymous says:

    couldn’t agree more with you

  13. Brooks says:

    Where are these reports that say JT wants to speak with Man City? I haven’t seen them anywhere.

  14. Gonufc says:

    Any player who demands a “will be clubs best paid player” clause deserves to have negotiations stopped imediately. It’s such a vulgar and unnecessary thing besides being unashamedly egotistical.

  15. Total Manchester City says:

    Short memorey Chelsea who bullied everyone in the transfer market not so long ago im sure you lot remember the things they wrote like buying glory but when City have the neck to an deven try build some sort of team to challange the top four were told weve got no right and know your place well times are changing again and soon its Citys turn.
    Once this all blows over he will be your idol poster boy again you lot are getting as two faced as the Manure from Trafford

  16. CITY says:

    Stop crying. He hasn’t left yet. If he doesn’t you have made a right dick of yourself. Now get them toys back in the pram.

  17. K says:

    So wait, when Chelsea were doing it, it was buying glory, when City are doing it, it’s building a squad?
    More like typical two faced bitters there, mate.
    As for John Terry, are you guys really THAT surprised? Like someone said, when a guy demands to be the clubs highest earner, you can’t really expect complete loyalty from him.

  18. wllmhll says:

    just take the money.

  19. Ben says:

    Sell him, he can never claim to is be Mr Chelsea again and his best years are behind him, I,m sick of these prima doonas thinking the are bigger than Chelsea Football Club, it was there before him and will be when he,s losing to Brondby in the Europa league at middle eastlands

  20. Sir Cecil says:

    The player should have been stripped of the captaincy after the Champions League Final. Not because he missed a penalty, but because he subsequently failed to lead the team and gave up the trophy. After his miss, the scores were level. Everything was still to play for. But what did Terry do? Go back to his team-mates and exhort them to make up for his miss? Did he urge them to keep their chins up and go for victory? Isn’t that what a captain is meant to do? No, he crumbled like a cissy, crying for himself and utterly abandoning his so-called “Mr. Chelsea” captain’s duties. Did Ronaldo fall to the ground weeping when he missed his penalty kick? Of course not. If anything, it seemed to make the Manchester captain and subsequent United kickers more determined. But Terry’s pitiful laying on the ground in forlorn defeat told the rest of the Chelsea team that this was it… they had lost… the game was up… Terry admitted defeat… kaput… finished. This wasn’t a captain at work. It was a glory hunter who could not see beyond his own misery and his self-indulgence and self-interest on that night forever labels him as the captain who undeniably deserted his team at the moment they most needed lifting. All the theatrical fist-waving and bellowing that Terry exhibits in his routine captaincy methods counted for zero as he folded, blubbering, with a Champions League trophy still attainable. Get rid.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The longer you leave this John the more us blues fans are gonna think your a prick for playing poker with your career. You handled this in completley the wrong way and even if you stay you’ve ruined your once legendary status at Chelsea. Good luck if you do join City. At least you wont have to miss anymore pens. I suppose you wont mind counting your cash with Adebayor while watching us in the CL final next year.

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