Morning call: Will John Terry really go to Man City?

Ollie Irish

15th, July 2009


Latest on the JT situation: Man City boss Mark Hughes has gone public in his pursuit of Mr Chelsea, by saying that the player would benefit from a ‘change of scenery’ (not to mention a massive pay rise). Sparky said:
“We would like to think we could offer John a different challenge. He’s been at Chelsea a long time and I know from my own experience as a player that when you have been with a club for a long time you get to a point when you think you need a new challenge and that a change of scenery would re-ignite certain things within you.
“It is not a question of finance, or money, it is about a different challenge, and John being at a different stage in his life and his career, and maybe that is why there hasn’t been a response [to commit himself to Chelsea] because John is seriously thinking in those terms. I went through that process myself as a player and I can understand if that is the way he is thinking.”
[@ Guardian]
Inciteful words by City’s gaffer. And he’s an ex-Chelsea player!
The way things are going, I bet that Terry will go to City. I wouldn’t bet anything substantial on it, mind, but the momentum points to England’s captain leaving his boyhood club.
Terry is less than two years from his 30th birthday, so the offer of wages in the £250,000-a-week ballpark must be excrutiatingly tempting.
What’s your hunch? Do you think Terry will go to City? Leave a comment or simply vote below:

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  1. Kipp says:

    Three words
    Champions. League. Football.

  2. YoXD says:

    I think that the chance has been a little bit bigger now as Roque Santa Cruz, Tevez, Robinho and Barry all are playing there. But Terry seems to be true blue, so I don’t think that he will go to Shitty.
    BTW: Can you make an article with pictures of players and recomendations on who we should have on the Fantasy Premier League team? I remember you did it last year/season. Love this football site and glad this site is up and running. Keep it up!

  3. Sir Cecil says:

    Half the Chelsea dressing room would be more than happy to see the back of him. Not every player responds to Terry’s inane ideas for team bonding… such as regular Playstation and Paintball tournaments.

  4. Sir Cecil says:

    I hope he joins the arab club. He’s given his best to Chelsea and the silly money they are offering for the declining player will never be repeated.
    Terry has always relied on the speed of others (Gallas, Carvalho) to bail him out due to his slowness on the turn and general lack of pace. But his back problems and lessened jumping ability (as illustrated by his dramatic reduction in headed goals for the last two seasons) makes him an increasing liability. Get rid. Thanks John, and goodbye, please.

  5. ROYKEAN says:


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