Photo Gallery: Emmanuel Adebayor arrives at Man City, poses in City shirt

Ollie Irish

18th, July 2009


It’s happened people. The madness continues… Emmanuel Adebayor is officially a Manchester City player now, the club having confirmed on its official website that he has signed a five-year contract, for an undisclosed fee.
This from the City website:

“A crowd of around 300 Blues fans were at the City of Manchester Stadium to greet the striker whose was named African Player of the Year for 2008.
The player was hugely impressed by his reception.
It made me feel really welcome and special and I can’t wait to play for City’s fans and show them what I can do,” he declared after completing the bulk of the paperwork.
I was born to play football and that is what I want to do. I have come here to make history for this club and those supporters. It what the chairman and the manager told me that they want too and I can’t wait to get started.”

Three-hundred fans!! Wow, that kind of puts C-Ron’s 80,000 into perspective (only joking).
Scorchingly new photos of Adebayor at Eastlands below. Click the image to launch the gallery (did someone spunk on his hat?)…
[All photos: PA]

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  1. Daz says:

    you smug get (only joking)

  2. adarsh says:

    i have the same pair of shoes…am gonna throw them away now tht he is wearing it

  3. lee scott says:


  4. Lolzzz says:

    Seriously what a bellend.

  5. Gunner says:

    Hahahha Man City are going to leak goals next season and Ades going to keep getting caught offside. He wont get the service at City that he got at Arsenal

  6. MARK GOONER says:

    Wat a cock sucking money grabbing fake smiling CUNT

  7. Gooner says:

    Hilarious. Arsenal laughing all the way to the bank. He is a complete disaster.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You city fans should be asking yourself why all the Arsenal fans are delighted with this deal? If you don’t believe me looks at the sites on newsnow. You have paid well over the odds. I reckon we would have accepted 15 million. He can be a good player but mostly he is a lazy pain in the arse who doesn’t know theoffside rule. I gaurentee that if you don’t make top 4 next season he will be angling for a move to Milan. Look how long it took to commit to you. This is a great deal for Arsenal and could well be a disaster for City.

  9. Erichero says:

    You know, when all those big numbers were being bandied about last season … 19 million, 25 million, etc, etc from Barcelona, AC Milan, I could hardly believe it.
    And now it’s happened – you’ve got to say that when it comes to the money side of the club, Wenger has been absolutely second to none.

  10. David, Leeds says:

    Borderwatch UK, put that jamaican drugcourier in jail. Heathrow customs police is the best!

  11. Gooner Laughing says:

    Best Arsenal news for ages. Just look at the photos City fans. Just look at them.
    He is a complete self-absorbed joke. More interested in parties than playing football. I’m sure he will play well in about 3 games next season but you will be infuriated with him, believe me. Lazy, no pride, money-grabbing prima donna, dumb.

  12. Ellie says:

    Thank God he’s gone! £25 million for a guy with the work ethic of a stoned tortoise and no understanding of the offside trap.. laughing all the way to the bank indeed!

  13. Gunner says:

    Hahaha! Pic Nr.6: Are you caught somewhere smuggling some drugs AdeByeWhore? :-D Burn in hell you monkey!
    You will NEVER get a trophy with Man C, thats for shure!

  14. Voice of reason? says:

    Calm down!!! You fans are embarrassing Arsenal with this negative attitude. He’s been poor this season, and we’ve receieved a lot of money for him.Why are some of you acting like we’re the losers? Everyone is reacting to what they’ve heard in the media; Do you even know the real deal? Give it a few hours and the abuse will probably turn racist.

  15. DAF says:

    HILARIOUS. These dreams don’t often come true do they???
    No-one I speak to, and I mean NO-ONE (Gooners, Manure, Chelski fans – thye lot) can quite beleive the amount of money Wenger has wrung out of the naive buyers at Man City.
    Ade is a good player, for sure, but £25 Million???? EXTRAORDINARY GREAT BUSINESS FOR AFC. Better than Anelka and Overmars put together.
    Good riddance to a talented player who halved his effort when Arsenal doubled his wages. He’ll havbe a good start for Citeh, but it won’t last.

  16. DAF says:

    @Voice of Reason – Acting like we’re the losers?!!? Mate, we’re celebrating! Where have you been? Never in my days of supportimng Arsenal (truly since 1970 btw) have I known so many Gooners desperate for a player to leave.
    And to get paid over the odds for him leaving?? Too good to be true.
    Thank you Ronaldo for stupidly inflating the market this year.

  17. fowler says:

    he dont look happy, he wanted to go to milan!!
    hahahahah!!! shame you lazy moneygrabbing twat!!

  18. City lady says:

    I hope he reads all of your comments. It should give him all the motivation he needs. FYI the comment about jamaican drug courier is racist.
    Says a lot about you all than none of you objected to it.

  19. gooner91 says:

    haha man city good luck getting him to do anything once he recieves his first pay check
    adebayor tho, typical footballer doesnt care wheres hes getting it from just along as hes getting his thousands of pounds a week, absolutley no loyalties
    wait til he finds out hes just signed for an average club trying to punch above their weight
    all getting excited about their new signings, most of whom came from premiership clubs and who had pretty avergae seasons last season, with tevez being the only possible exception, i mean 5 goals hardly prolific is it? considering eboue got 4 goals last season id say its pretty poor

  20. gooner91 says:

    and yeah city lady your right, football banters great and all but theres no need for racism

  21. says:

    Bunch of racist

  22. bluemoon00 says:

    Dont blame him for not wanting to play at arsenal, not many players do anymore!! there time is well and truly up!! get ready to drop out the top 6 you bunch of southern twats

  23. says:

    Arsenal fans are da worst cunt, foolish, selfish, pathetic, bunch of white racist bitch fucked human experiment i have ever come across 4 a long time. Just because Adebayor is a black African you smigles are calling him names. A*Lehb did da samething and went to barca for salary increment, M*flamini went to ACmilan bcos of salary increment no called him names. Steven G wanted to leave Lpool for chesseki bcos of salary increment but da club valued him and increased his salary he stayed, nobody called greedyG bcos he is a whyte and english. Fuck ya all. Ndi ara ndi ara

  24. goonerdanny says:

    I am glad to see the back of him, but no true Arsenal would leave racist scum comment like some of you have….

  25. kernow gooner says:

    Ha ha ha – prats! (thanks for all the millions though) Used to respect man city. Now you just look like a 4th rate chelsea (and they are bad enough). All so embarrassing. No class. can this be the same Man City who sang (brilliantly) at Highbury circa 91: ‘You can’t pay your mortgage any more’? It will all wear off like bad coke. Ade thought he was world class. Now he’s Big in Beswick… Yay!

  26. kernow gooner says:

    By the way fuck all racists – with you on this goonerdanny. Leeds bloke probably hard core ‘we are leeds’ racist like old days. As for ‘gunner’ go and fuck yourself – get season ticket at Millwall/Stoke. Right OK. Anyway good riddance Adebayor!!

  27. shutup! says:

    Fk the white racists and fk the black racists – we dont hate adebayor cos hes black we hate him cos hes a greedy selfish lying kunt – whether hes black or white makes no difference to me. Im glad hes at another club now so i dont have to feel guilty for hating him and his attitude and personality.

  28. Lol.. says:

    Seriously relax people…
    But either way thnk you very much citeh for 25 million!!!
    Ade, note what happened to hleb at barca..he moaned for a move and now he wants to leave..just like yoou did. Ungrateful sh*t…so long bitch…

  29. City boy says:

    Arse-nal boys – crying over their cockney split milk. Hope you stay in the top 4, lets hope un#t#d are the ones to drop out.

  30. Gunner says:

    To clear things out!
    I´m not a rascist! I love the dark coloured players in Arsenal!
    When I said monkey, I was thinking about the crazy and funny Ade-(celebrating his goals with dancing like no other humanbeeing can do! Like a monkey to me!)
    With the burn in hell I meant something he said to media in May this year!:
    “How am I going to pay them back? Make them win trophies. That’s what I am here for and I have to fight for that. Next season, 100 per cent, I am an Arsenal footballer.”
    Thats why I wanted him to burn in hell! Greedybayor!
    About the photo Nr.6 Yes, I really think it looks like he has been arrested for drugdealing! People who don´t understand that “joke” has no sense of humor I guess! :-D
    Well, good luck Ade! But you will be very disappointed in your blue, shitty shirt!
    I guess Manchester City 2009/2010: 7:th position in PL!
    Hooray, hooray, hooray for the great money we received for our lazy but crazy “monkey” :-D

  31. Ray Kay says:

    Bridge Dunne Richards Ben-Haim
    Elano Barry
    Robinho Tevez
    Santa Cruz Adebayor
    This is d ream 2 break into d Top 4

  32. K says:

    ‘don’t blame him for not wanting to play at arsenal’ – wait, so what, City are better than Arsenal? You’ve got to be kidding, mate. Finishing LOWER in the league when you have a billion in the bank is hardly an achievement.
    Unfortunately, the bitters will do better this season because money talks. But top four? Nah.
    And keep in mind bitters, these players aren’t joining you because they want to play for Manchester City. They’re joining you because they want BIGGER PAY CHEQUES.
    And you’ll still only sell out when you play the only real team in Manchester, yeah.

  33. K says:

    Oh yeah mate, Elano, Barry, Santa Cruz, Bridge and Dunne are world class players.
    Except not.

  34. zero says:

    ….”Gunner”, you are truly racist. I am ashamed you are an Arsenal fan.

  35. daren duncan says:

    shame on you all
    Adebayor became a really good player at the emirates, yes it might have gotton to his head alittle, just look at his goal ratio since he been there, quite good for such a small transfer fee. See the real picture the club is just in this for the money, every time we develope good talent the club sale to make profit, so don’t bank on any silverware until the loan for the stadium is paid, because Cese will be next in line, Arsenal will not refuse big offers for to long and yes we do need at least two more experience signings before the season start and wonder if the melo deal will ever come of knowing we have just receive 25 mil for Ade, suerly that is the plan or is Wenger gonna stick and drop all fans hopes again this season

  36. ken boogaloo says:

    You make me sick. You people shouting ‘racism’ don’t even know what that word means. in fact, it says alot more about you and the way your ignorant minds work. i’m ashamed i live in a country of self-satisfied hypocrites.
    As for man city, i think it’s funny that you would buy such a disruptive kid. This team is being rebuilt in 2 months, and a guy who’s clearly been a problem everywhere he’s ever played is not really what you want.
    and get ready for a quite appalling first touch.
    But don’t worry fellow gooners, we’ve got thomas bendtner.

  37. liam says:

    hahahaha manchester city are going to get screwed next season, with adebayor all that guy does is get caught off side.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha thank Allah he’s gone. Good luck Man City…. you’ve just been sold the equivalent of the Emperor’s new clothes.

  39. leon says:

    Once you have built a special side from youth policy and years of secure management -it just shows you can attract players who personify commitment and dedication that make the epl the greatest league in the world…Hurrahh for you Emmanuel Adebayor

  40. Harry Barracuda says:

    If I were the Sheikh I’d wonder why my manager is spending 25 million quid on a party loving waster who doesn’t know what offside is. He must have seen the goals against Citeh on YOUTUBE to approve this.
    This is the best bit of business Arsenal have done since we got rid of Horseface for a 22 million pound profit.

  41. whatajoke says:

    city have bought enough people who dont give a fuck, wait for the discontent to start. the team will die on the pitch like a certain player did a few years back, tho this time it won’t be a heart condition, it will be pure ego explosions. Robinho aint a big fish any more tevez aint any good and adebywhore well we all know he only wants that check!

  42. ive says:

    Gunner , I am a season holder , I am BLACK , not coloured, if you have a problem saying black do not insult me deal with your own issues . And yes I am glad Ade has gone but for his lack of footballing skills .
    On another note I am sadden by all the negative vibes coming form Arsenal supporters , we have a spanking stadium, the best groups of young players , the best manager in the world and yet all we hear are moans and vile comments .If we continue the manager will leave and it take us back 4 years. Yes I want a trophy this year but if we put in the effort and fail I can live with that and will renew my ticket next season.
    If we are real supporters how come you can hear a pin drop on match day Arsenal for ever.

  43. Anonymous says:

    sounds like a lot of gunners are bitter. get over it hes come to the better club. wenger stop whinging about money 14million henry, then there is viera,ljunberg,pires etc…., all bought for big transfers reyes,jeffers etc. load of bollocks home grown talent hleb, rosicky. you wasnt moaning when you were splashing the cash!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    you illiterate racist tit!

  45. \ says:

    Thank allah hes gon…jesus this allah guy is responsible for a lot of stuff

  46. lanesra says:

    ha ha ha ha ha good luck ade, you need it ha ha ha lmao,city will do good if they can come in the top 10 ha ha ha,SHIT

  47. \ says:

    adebayouracunt has finally gone…hes all talk…say his hearts in it etc….he said the same shit when he played for us

  48. wllmhll says:

    gotta love that one picture, with the salute. LOL. kinda brings back memory of when robinho joined city last year, he has the same “what have i done” look.

  49. Blue says:

    What a load of arsenhole crap, its no wonder the man wants to get away from the racist cesspit that is arsenhole, your on your way down the league arsenhole

  50. goon_since_1996 says:

    good on you city, never really hated you and i feel the only thing wrong in your squad is ‘sparky’ due to his manure Hnestly i wonder why people are begrudging citeh seeing that any other club who comes into such monies would be looking to spend (chelski of recent times, manure, leeds, even liverpool but then their american owners have them indebted); and th talk of them buying mecenaries…well that’s not its the way of the world not only football. I hope this season arsenal click, and the most important factor in this is confidence, cause we cannot afford to slip up. i feel citeh have a good midfield, maybe the defence needs a little twicking and obviously the have a more than capable strike force. I am an arsenal supporter and wish u lot well but i hope ade falls flat on his face literally. And to you lot out there of course the management at citeh know they have mecenaries but like life you need too take risks. I predict a glorious season for the ARSENAL! predictions, well you lot need to see a crystal ball reader for that but if the window closes right now. i feel the manu squad has been weakened,liverpool depending on alonso or macherano staying and both torres and gerrad stay injury free(which both are prone) chelski seem to be the strongest of that lot (pains me to say that) but this is the year for us ‘the youths’ so i predict the goons a bountiful season in the epl! Finally, racism is a cancer… good luck citeh i’m not gonna hate you or your money its only going to be short sighted to do so, thanks for taking ade of us tho…

  51. Blue says:

    That gunner fella is a real knobhead, thick as pigshit, hope the rest of you arsenhole fans are proud of him

  52. gooner247 says:


  53. mcfc says:

    he wudnt have with arsenal either

  54. gunnerX says:

    Good luck to Ade and Man Citeh, hopefully you guys can become the no 1 side in Manchester. Ade lost his way at the Arsenal which is a shame, but when on form and motivated, he’ll be an asset to his new team and knowing our luck, he will probably score against us when we

  55. Manzi. says:

    i really wonder who does the buying of players at city, honestly how does a club buy 8+ strikers in a space of a year! Seems rather idiotic to me but hey im just thinking out loud.
    i seriously think for such a young bloke, ade has his head not screwed on properly. someone needs to sit him down and get his head straight, he’s got a toxic attitude all the better for arsenal now that he’s gone. and for the record, he does deserve all the flak he’s getting at the moment. what an idiot!

  56. Arsenal 49 yes 49 says:

    Northen PRICK, where did you finish last season and you think the players you bought are such world class?? only tevez but he will soon leave when he wakes up and relises that you just a bunch of wankers trying to do a chelski but the difference is Southern has more class.

  57. Dan says:

    Your such a twat. Why does it always have to be racist. We’re glad to see him gone cos he’s a greedy slag like everyone else that goes to shity. Shity are the spurs of manchester always second best you prick!

  58. blue says:

    What a bunch of bitter illiterate knobheads, can’t speak without effing and blinding, no wonder the south is the arsehole of the country

  59. Anonymous says:

    Sure not shure you thick racist twat, calling him a monkey. Didn’t we beat you 3-0 at home last season. Fucking hell how many trophies did you win 0. Quality team. Southern fucking fairies. Your team have to sell and never buy because you are the poorest team in London. Love Wenger shame the fans are twats

  60. Seville, Londinium says:

    First of all the comment about jamaican drug dealer – was made by someone called David I assume was from Leeds?
    This is not sour grapes or sniping for the sake of it but I am glad Ade is gone.
    07/08 season when Henry left I was optimistic because pre season was fantastic and everyone was up for the fight when Henry left. Gooners thought that should RVP stay fit we were in with a chance. He was sicknote though after a few games and Ade did a sterling if surprising job of scoring alot of goals. In close season Ade flirted with other clubs openly and was rewarded by kicking up a fuss about wages after one good season. As arrogant as Henry was he was quality and deserved his wages because he did it week in week out year in year out. Ade on the other hand was not worth the reported £30m Milan and Barcelona were willing to pay for him – we would’ve sold him if those clubs were interested – they were but probably for considerably less than £30m.
    Ade’s inconsistent touch and penchant for going offside alot were tolerated because he was a work horse we loved him for his effort. 08/09 effort disappeared.
    He’s probably worth closer to £15m mark.So when City bought Ade for £25m or so as a Gooner I am chuffed. He is Anelka as a teenager badly advised and money grabbing. Ade is not a teenager he’s in his mid 20s. Money grabber – Simples!!!

  61. Seville, Londinium says:

    I thought i’d say something about the dark coloured players comment – it was certainly made out of ignorance. players have always celebrated goals in strange ways. liking a player or not because of his colour is kind of hilarious. A person is more than the level of melanin in their skin – just think before you commit your thoughts to blog!
    Oh by the way Nigeria waado.

  62. MattyDub says:

    Hope the issue is sorted soon Ollie, have just read about it on Unprofessional Foul.
    I wondered why you wern’t posting…

  63. Adam says:

    Why did the posts stop?

  64. akkoner says:

    Even a blind one can see there is something wrong here. How can one be happy getting rid of something really bad and still get furious about it. Racism aside, I can see everything in Arsenal fans reactions except anexpression of joy. Traitor, no loyalty, greedy are the words that come a million times. Why don’t you confess it: YOU ARE ALREADY MISSING ADEBAYOR. You can bet on this: let’s wait and see when next a player will net 30 goals for you in a season. Adebayor is not irreplacable but like Henry, Ronaldo etc…, they are ONE in a generation… So stop crying Arsenal fans… I pity you all for next season

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