Arsenal will NOT sign Daniele de Rossi, even if they need him

Ollie Irish

31st, July 2009


Today’s best example of Transfer Toss can be found in the back pages of the Independent.
Sam Wallace, the paper’s football correspondent, reports that Arsene Wenger is “set to spend big on [Daniele] De Rossi.”
Except, er… in reality, Wenger is definitely not set to spend big on De Rossi, who would cost in the £30m ballpark. Wenger has never spent that much cash on any player, so I can’t see that he’s about do break Arsenal’s transfer record to acquire a hardman with a poor disciplinary record.
Not that Arsenal couldn’t use De Rossi. You’d imagine he’d dovetail very nicely with Cesc Fabregas (one word: Flamini), but this is a scenario for the imagination only.
Sam Wallace, you FAIL.

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  1. Supergoon says:

    Also, has anyone bothered to do any research on De Rossi?
    He was born in Rome. He’s a lifelong Roma supporter. His dad played for Roma and is now a coach at Roma. His ex-wife is Roman and they have a daughter together. Does anyone really think he’s going to up steaks for London?
    This rumour is all due to a hoax that someone managed on the Arsenal website.
    Someone photoshopped Henri Lansbury’s profile and stuck in De Rossi’s name. It’s all complete bullshit.

  2. Ollie says:

    Yep, total bullshit.

  3. Neli G says:

    supergoon is spot on. hes not worth 30m, hes priceless. hes like messi for barcelona, ADP at juve, etc. theyre just not for sale.

  4. Tittle Tattle says:

    Hold on, we don’t “need” him. He would be an improvement on Song I guess, but the midfield trio of Fabregas, Denilson and Song will be fantastic next season. Wenger will but a backup player like matuidi, rather than break them up.
    We must remember that Denilson totally bossed him and Totti in the Champions League last season.
    It is easy to ignore the talent in front of your eyes.

  5. es says:

    Obvious to all but the dimwitted.
    Newspapers treating muppets like muppets.

  6. Sampsonscfc says:

    It must be easy to miss “the talent in front of your eyes”, when they are being played off the park by teams like Stoke ;)
    This lad looks like he has all the qualities Arsenal currently lack. I.e. he’s hard and made of flesh and bone, as apossed to the current squad that are all made from Chorizo and damp bread.

  7. puppadooyip says:

    The article is boring. I am going to take the piss out of some spuds fans instead.

  8. Tittle Tattle says:

    @ Sampsonscfc – Denilson well and truly bossed him off the park. That is a fact. He didn’t get a kick in.
    Stoke won because we were terrible up front and we were terrible at the back, the midfield was our only strong point last season.

  9. messi says:

    tittle tattle thank you for explaining that i thought i was the only person who thought denilson destroyed de rossi and totti doing the same was diaby aswell the stoke game was just ridiculous shawcross purposely kicked adebayor delap purposely fouled walcott and it was ridiculous the ref was stupid this season i think we should play 4-3-3 with the team looking something like this:
    sagna gallas vermaelen clichy
    cesc nasri
    rosicky/walcott arshavin

  10. Ollie says:

    I’d say De Rossi is better than Denilson though, at least right now. De Rossi did have some bad games in the CL, but in Serie A he can be immense.

  11. Tittle Tattle says:

    messi – I think Denilson is more likely to start than most other players, he will be the first name on the team sheet in many respects. He and Song will sit behind the foiur attacking players.

  12. wllmhll says:

    total bs, but arsenal needs someone like him. cant see him leaving roma.

  13. MR says:

    He plays well in Italy because, in my opinion, Italian football is slow and boring. That’s why, when you pit an English team against an Italian team, as has happened so often in the CL recently, the Italian team get beaten. Italian football is slow and tactical, English football is fast and instinctive, you have to think on your feet. You don’t see many Italian players prosper in England apart from the really sharp ones like Zola and Di Canio. I can not think of a single Italian defensive player who has played well in the premiership. I’d like to see Vieira come back, but that’s more just not to see him at Spurs than anything.

  14. dan says:

    Did someone say ‘we shouldn’t break up cesc, denilson and song?’ Mate they should never have got together in the first place. But yeah De Rossi rumours, you know it’s the dog days of summer now.

  15. Sampsonscfc says:

    puppadooyip you lost to Stoke because your defence can’t handle the ball being hit into the box in the air for 90 minutes. Nothing has changed in that respect and you can expect to lose games in a similar fashion next season.
    messi this may come as a shock, but I’m one of those people who went to that game and I must say you bring up a poor point and make it rather badly, but let me retort, anyway.
    Adebayor sissor kicked Shawcross in the first half.
    Van Pissey was sent off for violent conduct.
    4 yellows to Stoke and 1 yellow (Adebayor, no suprise really) and 1 red as mentioned above.
    Overall your side was the dirtier and you still lost.
    Oh and by the way, a Mr Rob Styles ref’ed the game. That should tell you alot, that is if you know anything about football.

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