Barcelona Pip Everybody To Alexis Sanchez, Udinese Accept £26m Offer

Chris Wright

20th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

The biggest news emanating from the transfer market this morning is that Chile have allowed Alexis Sanchez to leave their Copa America training camp in order to travel to Barcelona and rubber-stamp a transfer after Udinese accepted Barca’s $45 million (approx £26.4 million) offer for the 22-year old forward.

Chile coach Claudio Borghi has accepted that they have no option but to allow Sanchez to fly to Spain to complete the deal as they may end up liable to cover the cost of the transfer should the player get crocked while on international duty.

Said Borghi:

“It’s a very complicated matter. If we don’t allow him to travel, and the sale goes through, we would be accountable for $45 million in the event of anything happening to him. It’s very simple. As soon as the confirmation of his transfer comes through, he will have the authorisation to travel.”


Last week it was heavily rumoured that Man City had thrown enough money at the situation to land the in-demand forward, but that was all just buncum and wiff-waff. The shimmering, sirem-like lure of having Barca’s name listed in the ‘previous employers’ section of Sanchez’s CV proved to be just too inviting an offer to pass up.

Bum. How we were dearly looking forward to watching him in the Prem next season.

Shame on you Barca, shame on you.

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  1. nickooo says:

    Would have loved to have seen this kid at United.

    Not too surprising he’s gone to barca, playing alongside all of their players would be amazing.

  2. Lady B says:


  3. Rich says:

    will be a flop I’ll put money on it

    and where did barca get the money for this??

  4. steve says:

    “It’s a very complicated matter…It’s very simple.”

    Hahaha nice

  5. krak says:

    not a done deal according to this:

  6. Pete says:

    nickooo don’t you mean sitting beside? he won’t be playing much

  7. Calski says:

    He’s still developing at the top level, will he really fulfil his potential sitting on a Barcelona bench? Doubt it.

  8. Stinky Feet says:

    @ Steve,

    haha, Thought I was the only one who actually caught that

  9. 2nd cl comiing says:


  10. machine gooner funk says:

    im torn over this. im not a barca fan, in fact i hate the twats, but hopefully this means theyll layoff pursuing cesc now bc they obviously dont have the 40-45 milion pounds itll cost to get him. on the other hand it would have been ill if we sold nasri and arshavin and bought sanchez ourselves. our style of play, which lets face it is barca lite, woulda been perfect for him to flourish. playing to the left of rvp and getting service from cesc. c’est la vie though. however if he does end up at shitty (city) i dont think hell be happy there, look what happened to robinho, adebayor (another moneygrubbing cunt), boateng, kolarev, and balotelli. plus sliva already plays the position he plays for them and why would he want to play for city anyway, aside from the truckloads of money, they dont play attacking football. alexis isnt suited to play in a team that regularly starts 3 dm’s (barry, de jong, yaya), he needs to play for a free flowing team that had fluid passing not hoofers like city. also if they keep tevez, as good as he is hes shite at strinking up beneficial striking partnerships, he likes to play as a lone striker thats why dzeko hasnt worked out, why balotelli if he plays has to play in the hole behind tevez which is not his natural position, and why they shipped adebayor. botom line is barca and shitty are cunts. UP THE ARSE!!!!

  11. Alex says:

    noooooooo :( bench-warming is not a good gig for you, mr. sanchez…

  12. chrisallen says:

    waste of $. barca dont need him. he holds the ball too long, if i recall correctly.

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