Liverpool Agree £20m Fee For Stewart Downing, Villa Raided Again

Chris Wright

14th, July 2011


By Chris Wright

Liverpool have agreed a £20 million fee with Aston Villa for Stewart Downing, after seeing their opening bids of £12.5 million and £15 million knocked back last week.

A brief statement on the Liverpool site reads:

“Liverpool FC tonight announced they had agreed a fee with Aston Villa for the transfer of Stewart Downing.

“Liverpool have now been granted permission to discuss personal terms with the player and arrange a medical.”

Downing is now expected to travel to Melwood to be given the once-over at some point later today, with the transfer officially going through either tonight or first-thing tomorrow, barring and unforeseen problems.

So, £45 million later and Downing becomes Liverpool’s third big-money signing of the summer after Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam.

While £20 million seems like an awful lot of cash at first glance, it’s safe to say that the Reds have actually gone out and snared themselves the best crosser in the Premier League* – exactly what you need when Andy Carroll is more than likely going to be the focal point of your attacking line.

Moreover, this means Villa have quickly seen their three-pronged attack of 2010/11 completely disassembled in a matter of weeks following Ashley Young’s move to Manchester United. Big Eck certainly has his work cut out if he’s going to pull adequate replacements out of his arse before August.

Any thoughts chaps?

* based on OptaJoe’s statistics: ‘135 – Stewart Downing has completed more crosses in open play than any other player in the Premier League over the last three seasons’.

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  1. Riley says:

    I think he’ll prove to be a good signing. The people that moan about the fee amaze me. It’s not like they’re spending taxpayer money. The owners apparently are willing to spend, so if we get our targets then what does it matter? And those feeling underwhelmed by the summer signings need a dose of reality. No champions league football = no big foreign names (and a lot of times, no domestic ones either).

  2. Mr. Angry says:

    we will destroy the manure scum!

  3. hgo says:

    hahaha old fergies friend mcleish made a mockery of queen kenny as well as another old fergies mate bruce done the same selling useless overrated british player for 20 million. there is your mata t*ossers?

  4. chimpo says:

    “So, £45 million later and Downing becomes Liverpool’s third big-money signing of the summer after Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam.”

    hmm something seems wrong with that sentence

  5. Gino Annie? says:

    20 mill, jesus christ I bet he’s glad he got that england cap, bangs the price right up!

    Rooney is the only england player worth 20 mill.

    The world’s gone bonkers

  6. Montesquieu says:

    No one is worth £20 Million. The prices are inflated as a result of current market trends and expected potential.

    Either way, Downing is a good deal for Liverpool.

  7. Ze Roberto says:

    Chris did you ever finish your “3 in 3 out” series??? if not what you waiting for??? August is nearly here!!!!

  8. Mr. Angry says:

    @ hgo

    hey fuck you wanker!

  9. wolfinho says:

    great signing for united. the scouser scum should also sign matthew upson to represent the ‘up’&’down’ days at liverpool fc.

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