NEWSFLASH Gerrard to be played in preferred position


17th, November 2006

Gerrard_4Get ready to pick yourself up from the floor. The fat Spanish waiter that is Rafa Benitez is ready to play the world’s best central midfielder in… gulp… centre midfield.

The Liverpool skipper has revealed that Benitez is about to be handed a central midfield role instead of down the right wing, which, if rumours are to be believed, has caused a bit of a rift between the two. It’s amazing that you’d even consider playing Stevie G anywhere else… especially when you consider that
Bolo Zenden was preferred in central midfield in the 3-0 defeat at Arsenal.

Gerrard said ahead of the match at Middlesbrough "I spoke with
Benitez and he said I would get a lot more time in the middle now
Sissoko is out." Does anyone else think it’s a bit odd that a player should refer to his manager by his surname? Anyway, I digress. Gerrard seemingly played in about eight positions in England’s game against Holland, and it boggles my mind to think of two managers wasting Gerrard’s obvious talent by playing him out of position.

It’s hardly a surprise to see Liverpool not performing as well as they’d like when you look at the very fact of Gerrard being played as a winger. I can’t imagine any other manager (with a brain) playing Stevie on the wing. It’s baffling. He said himself that "I always enjoy it there in the middle. That’s where I
feel I can get the best out of myself." Yes Mr Gerrard, and so does the rest of the universe… oh, apart from the two managers you play under. If he is playing in the middle of the park this weekend, everyone get him in your fantasy teams right now! [Mof Gimmers]

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