Three In, Three Out: Man Utd & Chelsea

By Chris Wright

With the transfer window just beginning to creak in the wind (of change?), we at Pies reckon it’s high time to start toying with the soccer odds of the footballing Gods and begin speculating and hypothesising on the ins-and-out – quite literally – of this summer’s prospective transfer activity.

As you may be aware, we were going to go about our end-of-season ‘Three In, Three Out’ feature alphabetically but, to avoid any issues that may be raised by impending relegations, we’ve decided to about-face and do it in accordance with the current Premier League standings – which means that this week’s maiden venture will focus on twin heavyweights Manchester United and Chelsea…

Man Utd

Three out…

Tomasz Kuszczak – United are going to need a new No.1 next term and it’s doesn’t look like Sir Alex is willing to entrust either Anders Lindegaard or Kuszczak with the mantle. The Pole is decidedly rickety at times, but would comfortably demand a first-choice spot at a lesser Premier League side.

Gabriel Obertan – It’s definitely easy to see why Sir Alex felt Obertan was worth the gamble at a knock-down price, but the winger’s pace and trickery are usually completely superfluous. The parsnip-headed Frenchman will never be consistently effective enough to fully graduate from the reserves.

Federico Macheda – Given that rusting scrap-jobs like Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves are fairly unlikely to have their contracts renewed come July, so Kiko – who has spent the year not particularly impressing anybody while on loan at recently relegated Sampdoria – gets my final spot.

The Guid-a-licious striker looked extremely promising for the briefest of whiles after bursting onto the scene with that goal against Aston Villa a couple of seasons back, but it’s since become clear that he just isn’t going to make the cut at Old Trafford – especially with Javier Hernandez now firmly in the way.

Three in…

Igor Akinfeev, CSKA Moscow – Well worth a punt now that the heat and hype has died down. A solid, consistent keeper with genuine ‘world-beater’ potential and a good decade (he’s 25) left in him.

Luka Modric, Tottenham – Spurs fans won’t thank me for this, and I’m fairly sure Luka will be at Tottenham next season, but the little Croatian’s creativity and guile would provide the perfect foil for the veteran Paul Scholes to be able to bow gracefully.

Wesley Sneijder, Inter Milan – Again, definitely wishful thinking seeing as though Sneijder’s fee and wages would be on the ‘rather hefty’ side, but I’m sure I’m not alone in pining for the Dutch maestro to make the move to these fair shores. Here’s hoping that a relatively barren year at the Nerazzuri may just be enough to make him begin considering his options this summer.


Three out…

Michael Mancienne – Quite simply a forgotten man and worse, a forgotten man who will be returning from Wolves to find a Blues squad now brimming with promising young defenders on the cusp of first-team duties.

Unfortunately, Mancienne just doesn’t seem to quite be developing at the rate at which he was expected to, though he’d comfortably make a decent signing for a mid-to-lower Premier League side like, say, Wolves for instance.

Now aged 23, parent club Chelsea will probably allow the centre-half to make a permanent move away from the Bridge this summer.

Jose Bosingwa – With Branislav Ivanovic perfectly adept at right-back, Chelsea will surely ship out one of their high(ish)-profile reserves over the close season – probably Bosingwa, who is likely to command the higher fee of the two and especially considering that Paulo Ferreira also appears to be doubling as a translator for David Luiz these days.

Nicolas Anelka – With Drogba, Torres, Malouda, the returning Daniel Sturridge and Salomon Kalou (who is finely honed in the art of bundling home when Chelsea are already three goals up, thus apparently making him a ‘super sub’) all vying for two or three positions, to my mind it looks like it will be Anelka that makes way in the forward ranks this summer.

Should have no problem finding a lucrative suitor in America/Dubai, etc. A return to Arsenal may even be on the cards.

Three in…

Lucas Piazon, Sao Paulo – Cheating slightly as a deal is already in place that will see Piazon become a Chelsea player in January 2012 but, seeing as though the old Kaka is a bit hit-and-miss these days, why not bring in the next best thing – The ‘New Kaka’?

By Jove, the Brazilian youngster even looks the part…

Uncanny, no?

Charles N’Zogbia, Wigan – A proven Premier League winger with bags of potential left to fill. At £10-15 million, N’Zogbia still represents a bit of a bargain.

Neymar, Santos – The tricksy wee Brazilian starlet has flirted with Chelsea (and Barca, and Real Madrid, and Juventus…) in the past, and is said to be firmly on the club’s radar once again this summer. Torres/Drogba/Neymar with Malouda, N’Zogbia, Kalou and Sturridge all ready to rotate on and off the bench? Sounds fairly formidable.

Right, there you go folks. Please feel free to leave your own ‘Three In, Three Outs’ in the comments box below…

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  1. Paul Hardcastle says:

    You do realise Macheda is 19, he joined a Sampdoria who had just sold pretty much their only creative player in Cassano and ended up being relegated.

    To suggest that you already know he isn’t good enough for United is a complete fucking joke, he’s 19!! Look at Rossi when he went out on loan at Newcastle, didn’t get a game, you probably thought he was shit too and was glad we got rid of him, look at him now, one of the best strikers in the world.

    It didn’t work out for Macheda at Sampdoria, every United fan wanted him to go out on loan to a PL club, hopefully he will next season, he is only 19.

    Did I mention he’s only 19 years old.

  2. kamz says:

    Igor Akinfeev plays for CSKA Moskow, NOT Zenit St. Petersburg

  3. Chris says:


  4. MrMac says:

    Akinfeev is long overdue to a move to a big european club.

    Would love to see him in PL.

    What about shaktars golden midfield?
    I know there’s money in ukraine PL, but come on.
    Those lads have to want more glory, they’ could be world stars in the PL.

  5. chimpo says:

    as drogba/torres clearly hasnt worked surely drogba would go? (although the thought of relying on torres given current form terrifies me)

    N’Zogbia- you’re kidding me right?

    @paul hardcastle- love the ‘n-n-n-n-19’ reference.

  6. syndex says:

    Word is that Everton are looking at mancienne and maceda, and as we are begging for two strikers at the moment (yak, vaughn and anchovies being moved in to midfield) there are a lot of rumours around rodwell swapping for wellbeck and 15m (don’t see why maceda could not be thrown in as moyes loves him).

  7. DAAKYEHENE. M.G says:

    How could you expect two defenders for chelsea to leave and you dont even suggest one coming to chelsea knowing very well chelsea problem last season was from the defends

  8. youreds says:

    i guess you haven’t put bebe because it is so clear that he must go, jokes player, wouldnt have him in my 6 a side team

  9. OLUCENA says:

    As for Chelsea. OUT: Fereira, Bosingwa, malouda, Anelka and if possible Kalou. IN: Mc Echran, Swatseinga or Sneiger, kakuta, Sanches, Neymer or Aguero, Van Anholt,

  10. Domm says:

    Why oh why oh why oh why do people still rate Akinfeev?

    He’s a potentially calamitous keeper who can’t catch for the life of him.

  11. Joe says:

    Macheda’s Villa goal was two seasons ago, wasn’t it? It’s said to have won United the title, and Chelsea won it last season so…

  12. Chris says:

    @Joe: Quite right my good man. Amended.

  13. Anonymous says:

    4 chelsea.maloud,.anelka and bosingwa out.Modric,mata and neymar in.

  14. The Yank says:

    I can always rely on articles like these to give me a laugh. Since I don’t give a shit about Chelsea, lets talk about United. Firstly, I totally agree with Thomasz leaving. He’s not the keeper United want nor need and isn’t the next number 1. Get rid of him. Secondly, I would love to see Sneijder and Modric at Old Trafford next season. Sneijder is easily one of the best players in the world, and Modric is certainly up there as well. That being said, there is no way in hell that is going to happen. Redknapp just valued Modric at 50M and Sneijder signing a contract extension at Inter means he’s now 50M+ at the very least. United can’t pay that kind of money. Replacing 3 mediocre players for 3 proven world-class stars is the obvious fix, but a bit difficult to make happen. Now, as for the other players in question. Obertan is a kid, hardly ready to fight for a first team place. Does that mean he should be chucked away? Hardly. He shows promise and needs time to unlock that potential. As for Macheda, he is a kid as well, and he needs time to develop too. Just because Chich is the new kid on the block means the other strikers have to take a hike? Hardly. I see him and Welbeck leading the line at Old Trafford if they keep improving. The collective 12 million United would get for these players would certainly help pay for a small bit of Modric’s fee though.

    3 out – Kuszczak, Brown, Owen (they are just taking up space at this point)

    3 in – Lloris, Sneijder, Welbeck back from loan (world-class keeper and world-class midfielder are all United needs)

  15. $$KING$$ says:


  16. Fredmeister says:

    I like the cut of Sneijders jib, he has that ‘worlds against me; dont give a shit’ look about him that would fit into our ethos. And hes class.

    Modric shades it because he brings a bit more to the table, and has Prem experience.

    I would say out:
    Kuszcack, Brown (sad face), and Owen becasue he lied on twitter and said he would score an impotant goal.

    In: Modric, Steklenberg and Anthony Annan (the last 2 are Football Manager talking)

  17. wazza says:

    Fredmeister theres still the champions league final …what odds on him coming off the bench and scoring an ole

  18. jack says:

    Chris makes it quite clear in his article that he thinks it unlikely that united would be able to sign snjeider and modric. But thanks very much for repeating that again. Also, you touch on the subject of united’s finances. With FFP coming into effect, why keep players such as Macheda? He once scored an important goal, but with clubs surely looking to econimise their wage-bill, why keep a striker whose had an average to say the least season in italy, on the off chance he will come good. They have another young striker hernandez, who this season has eclipsed the one ‘Macheda Moment’ we saw over two years ago.

  19. Paul Hardcastle says:

    Also, I would love for Pogba and Tuncliffe to be given some first team football next season, both great prospects.

    Kuszczak, Owen and Brown will all leave in the summer.

    Wellbeck should go out on loan again, so should Bebe, Obertan and Macheda. They all have the ability but playing reserve football is pointless. Didn’t Shankley say something like playing 10 first team games is more useful than playing 10 years of reserve football?

    If Cleverley was left footed I would say give him some games in the first team but he isn’t so not too sure what to do with him, maybe another season out on loan.

    We need

    GK – Would love Neuer but ain’t happening and I would much rather De Gea over Steklenberg. Steklenberg maybe older and speak English but De Gea is on another level, also he’s played in a Europa League final and 2 seasons with one of Spain’s biggest clubs, that’s enough experience for me.

    CM – It basically comes down to us needing to replace Giggs, personally I think Modric would be perfect. Another option although very different is De Rossi, the guy is a beast of a player and supposedly wants to leave Italy, the closest thing to Keane there is right now.

    LW – Are there any good natural left wingers at all. Sanchez and Young are both great players but are both right footed and cut inside, which is exactly what Nani does. If only Valencia had a half decent left foot then him and Nani could switch wings throughout a game. Oh Bale, I guess he is the only good natural left footed winger in the entire world, let’s have him, overrated but still a great player.

    So basically we need to raid our English feeder club again.

  20. Yomson says:

    Sir Alex going to surprise you all, Modric!, Sneijder!, Ferguson may may not go for them and bring in another good midfielder that all you people don’t expect, people mention Eto last season even Forlan to come back but the The wise man of old trafford bring in Chichi and see what Man Utd get know. I am Chelsea fan but this man is so wise I admire his policies, always make buy that will benefit the club not what fans or media want even not what owner want, at Chelsea Carlo just allow Roman to dedicate for him.

  21. Rob says:

    If Chelsea are in the market for a creative midfielder they could do worse than pick up Pirlo, who’ll be a free agent in the summer, to mentor McEachran as he comes up. If you’re going to buy one of the big attacking playmakers like Kaka or Sneijder you may as well flog Lampard as I can’t see them working in conjunction. Lastly, ship one, possibly two of Anelka, Kalou and Drogba off to make space for Sturridge (and even Borini who’s been on fire at Swansea since he arrived).

    As for United a goalkeeper’s obviously the priority but someone like Sneijder or Modric would be ideal. Ship Gibson off and slot Cleverley in. It’s time Brown went too, though if the last two seasons are anything to go by they could use some extra cover in defence. Lastly, ditch Ravel Morrison. I don’t care how talented he is, his presence is a stain on the club.

  22. zaljerry says:

    N’zogbia, young, edin harzard,pastore,juan mata yann m’villa as mikels replacement

  23. Sylvie says:

    I really love John Terry but z gettin slow he has to go ,Anelka he can be fantastic when he wants to be he has to go as well includin Cole .

  24. Tammy says:

    Gud analysis, but I think dats not all d outs 4 chelsea. I’ll like 2 c Malouda (inconsistent n selfish), Zhirkov (injury prone), Ferreira (nolonger fit 4 topflight futball) out along with d 3 mentioned: n d arrivals as Van der weil (pace n defensive expertise), Neymar (flair upfrnt n extra ability in dificult cases, pace n wingplay), Sneidger or Modric (creativity n linkup play in midfield), Nzobia or Hazard (flair, creativity n wing play) etc. Apart frm Sneidger or Modric wage bill n injury liabilities will b reduced 2 d barest min. Meanwhile they wud b long term players/investmnt considering their ages. Up Blues nw n always.

  25. The Yank says:

    @Paul Hardcastle @Rob

    Props on mentioning Cleverley. I’d forgotten about him. From what I remember from the USA pre-season tour, he was rather impressive. While I don’t agree with shipping Gibson off just yet Rob, I do concede he’s on thin ice. I think one season of semi-regular to regular first team action as one final test of quality is fair. He doesn’t play enough. De Rossi is very interesting as well.

  26. Indian Blue says:

    First of all . . . we(CHELSEA) do not need 3 outs , rather we need 6-7 outs . . . we need to rebuild unlike MANCHESTER UNITED who just have to make a few changes here and there. OUTS :- DROGBA , ANELKA , KALOU , MALOUDA , BOSINGWA , MIKEL , PF . INS :- we need 3 signings and 3 promotions . . .

    SIGNINGS :- One out of MATA and NEYMAR , One out of HAZARD and SANCHEZ , one out of MAREK HEMSIK and PAULO HENRIQUE GANSO.


    you guys might question why Drogba ? Drogba, because any change without Drogba’s exit is a waste as he is too strong a personality to be sitting on the bench , negative effect that he might have on Torres and also he is 33 and not getting any younger . . it is best we cash in on him NOW rather than go for another season with him and let him go on a free transfer. . . then for rebuilding we need to change the team which is used to playing to Drogba’s strengths , you can not change the teaam and still have Drogbs . . it wastes all changes.

  27. Liam says:

    As delightfully unbias as i want to attempt to be… Modric aint going nowhere!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Chelsea fan and I think we need to get rid of about 9 players Anelka kalou benayoun malouda zhirkov turnbull and hilario bosingwa and ferriria. Give sturridge his chance and bring in a right back two wingers two central players one defensive one playmaker and one maybe two young up and coming talents lukaku maybe and one other but we need a younger more consistent squad and then one centre back also young to develop under Terry Alex and luiz aswell as a young keeper that shows great talent that petr can mould to as good as he is. The end sorry it’s a little long lol.

  29. vanbastensmilan says:

    he has that ‘worlds against me; dont give a shit’ that’s the biggest load of shite I’ve ever heard

  30. MrJCB77 says:

    Not bad. But why would you sell Anelka and keep Kalou. He has done nothing in five years at Chelsea.

  31. Das Boot says:

    “Yank”, pretty much sums up Manure “fans”. Complete and utter w.nkers all of them. F.cking northern inbreds.

    CFC Ozone unfriendly

  32. Gilly says:

    Man Utd Sell: Obertan, Owen and Kuszczak. Sign: De Gea, Sanchez, Witsel. Chelsea Sell: Anelka, Bosingwa, Drogba, Alex. Sign: Aguero, Neymar, Azpilicueta.

  33. htrain says:

    bosingwa’s out of contract at the end of the year

  34. Montesquieu says:

    Hopefully Anelka moves as far as possible away from England.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Oh Boy,just buy a fanterstick player like Neymar,Kaka,Lukaku,Mario Gomes and off anelka,bosingwa,malouda,kalou,zhirkov,ferriria pls do it as i what.Up chelsea

  36. Charlie Adam says:

    As I recall it you said last time:

    “We’ll be doing things alphabetically over the next couple of weeks, mulling over the three players that each Premier League side should ditch and the three they should go all out to bring in over the close season – two clubs at a time.”

    So my question is how the F*** is this alphabetically, or is alphabet changed in past week?

  37. Kevin says:

    If Sir Alex wants a good goalkeeper for the future he should phone Sparky and ask him if he can have Neil Etheridge, nurture him for 2 or 3 years, and he’ll have a sound man between the sticks for 15 years.

  38. megaw buaku hanson says:

    turnbull,hillaro.anelka,drogba,bosingwa,ferreira,zirkorve,benayoun,kalou,malouda and lampard must make way for neymar,luka modric,lukaku,sturridge,aguaro.sanchez,van de weil,david de gea,williams to replace them.

  39. Zorba says:

    Kaka to Chelsea..

    Sneijder to United

  40. MK says:

    Stupid fellow!!!It is better to kick out Paulo Ferreira than kicking out Bosingwa!!!

  41. Kevin says:

    Abramovich out!!!

  42. fucker says:

    rooney to man city

  43. Veritas says:

    Out for the Blues: Carlo to start with. On the player front: Anelka, Malouda, Bosingwa, Essien or Mikel (they are the same player) and possibly Kalou. Promote: Sturridge, Josh, Bertrand and buy a CAM and RW. RE-hire Ray Wilkins and bring in Coyle to coach. Dump the deadwood and get players that will give 100% when on the pitch. Let JT and Lamps know they won’t be starting every match, regardless of their status.

  44. emj says:

    Now why is everyone saying get rid of Anelka over Kalou?

    Does no one know that EPL and CL combined Anelka is Chelseas TOP scorer. Yes TOP!! scorer. He is also 2nd to Drogba with assists. Kalou is first player to go. Kalou wants first team football, and the guy is only good for coming off the bench, even that he is not that awesome.

    On top of that Anelka is already being sculptured to a different position. They aren’t using him as a striker anymore but as a player to be creative and assist Torres with goals.

    Anyone saying Anelka should leave obviously doesn’t know the man, nor the dynamics of the players.

    Out: Kalou, Bosingwa, Ferreira, Zhirkov

    I think many people are forgetting injuries too. This is the exact reason we were caught short this season. Too many injuries and not enough players.

  45. RT says:

    Looks more like Owen, Bébé and Scholes for United, Obertan and Macheda may go on loan

  46. Rams says:

    @Rob, u’re a decade behind the world of football man, Borini and chelsea decided to go separate ways after contract talks broke off and you will see him in Parma colors next season, who in his right mind can still bring old players to this physical demanding EPL. We need to ship out Maloud, Anelka, Bosingwa, Ferreira, Kalou and i don’t know what Mikel is still doing at chelsea, i thot the arrival of the speedy n creative Ramires meant an end to his chelsea career, we should bring in; Neymar, N’zonbia, Dani Sturridge wil be there, Patric wil be back too, and get sneijder, send Josh for a full season on load at Bolton and we’re on the right track. Keep Carlo but tell him to play Luiz as the defensive mid player alex wil Partner Terry, i don know where to throw essien his days seem to be behind him, way too slow for EPL. Carlo needs to refine his squad rotation to an intelligent manner that Ferguson implements.

  47. Deshane says:

    Eden Hazard will be a perfect buy for United. He has had anotheer excellent season with Lille becoming the asisst King. He can play out wide, as a creative midfielder or as a second striker. He posseses blistering pace, dazzling quick feet with his vision and creativity neing second to none. He is around 20 years old and would cost between 15-20m pounds. A bargain as this lad is class. He is Wesley Snieder but younger and better.

  48. Deshane says:

    I’m glad you mentioned Lucas from Sau Paulo. This young brazilian does not get the publicity he deserves. He should be talked about in the same breath as Neymar and Ganso. He has mesmerising skills and newitching pace. A tad selfish but will develop at a club like Chelsea. 10m pounds max

  49. hulk says:

    Lucas Piazon is a different player from Lucas Rodriguez, who is the ‘new Kaka’, he’s 18 and plays in the first team. Lucas Piazon is a different, younger player, who is joining Chelsea. Lucas Rodriguez remains at Sao Paulo for now.

  50. Probably Chelsea is the AC Milan of England whereby they want to retain worn out players like Lampard whereby even a blind man can tell that Lampard is worn out.The likes of Anelka,Bosingwa,Drogba,Terry,Alex.Roman Abromovich sh’d better think twice and offload all those thugs becoz it has reached to the extent where they can nolonger help the club.By Felix Mark813 a Man United fan and Chelsea fan.

  51. Anonymous says:

    4 united…Gibson,Bebe,Berbatov,Kuszack,Obertan,Brown did i mention Gibson all out..i don’t knw au he’s been doin it bt i knw O’shea won’t b sold…In…Aguero,Modric,De gea,Sneidjer,Rodwell…united wud finally b able 2 put up a fight against Barca nd Real

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