‘Maybe It Helped Him’ – Virgil Van Dijk Takes Time To Console Recently Bereaved Referee After Netherland’s Nations League Draw With Germany

Chris Wright

20th, November 2018


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As well as scoring a vital stoppage-time equaliser, Virgil van Dijk proved his captain credentials for the Netherlands with a touching little act of kindness after the final whistle.

Indeed, the Liverpool centre-half continued his class act after the game when he sought to console referee Ovidiu Hategan, who oversaw the match despite losing his mother in the days leading up to it.

Photos: @ESPNUK/Twitter

Hategan was visibly upset, as well he might be given the circumstances, but Van Dijk was quick to offer some words of comfort.

Speaking to Voetbal International afterwards, Van Dijk said:

That man broke down, stood with tears in his eyes because he had just lost his mother.

I wished him strength and said that he had [reffed] well.

It’s a small thing, but maybe it helps him.

You can’t say fairer than that, really.

What a specimen Van Dijk is: taller than you, quicker than you, more intelligent and more consummate on the ball than you, a goal threat and, more importantly, a thoroughly nice chap.

Bet he even smells nice too.