Real Madrid Scumbag Pepe Stamps On Messi’s Hand & Dives Like A U-Boat During El Clasico (Videos)

Chris Wright

19th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

In which, during last night’s Copa del Rey quarter-final first-leg El Clasico in Madrid, Real Madrid’s in-house butcher Pepe indulged in a spot of what he loves to do the bestest – stamping on Lionel Messi’s hand as the Barca tyke sat on the turf after being barrelled over by Jose Callejon…

Not content with mashing Leo’s digits into paté, Pepe also found time to for a bit of diving on the touchline when the advances of Cesc Fabregas sent air particles crashing into his face and knocked the poor lamb clean of his feet…

Yet more proof (if more proof were needed) that Pepe is, by some considerable distance, the most despicable, detestable player in world football today.

For the record, Barcelona won 2-1 in the Bernabeu – we’ll have photos and highlights up shortly.

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  1. inkling says:

    Scum. I wonder what Alonso said to him after – he had a perfect view of it.

  2. Greg says:

    I hate him so much.

  3. Sameer says:

    Wud be a perfect fit for united.. U know, scum–>scum?

  4. SS says:

    What language is that?

  5. Christian says:

    That´s got to be something like an eight-match-ban – at least. He´s obvious a repeater and dangerous to his opponents. He seems to need more time to think.

  6. Lunga says:

    Oh please! That was purely accidental.

  7. Veej says:

    Well done Chris, I knew you’d get this on the posts. Whats a dispicable and ass of a player Pepe is! Him and that ‘Biscuits’ are made for each other!

  8. Richard Dunne says:

    Ive been waiting all morning for pies take on this as I know how much they hate pepe. It seems every time theres an el classico, everyone talks about the scumbag tactics by real. How can evryone hail mourinho as a good manager if he wants to win in this way? It was fantastic to see pure football prevail as winners again, although its a pity because it looks like real might win the league. Pepe’s stupid hand stamp will be avenged in the second leg by messi, he’ll be raring to go at the camp nou. I hope they play Mascha instead of busquets to smash a few white bodies up.

    The only thing that could have disgraced real more last night is if Ballon d’ Dive winner Miss Di Maria was playing

  9. Pkhakheria says:

    man he really looks like the default human in every “create a character” mode , in every video game

  10. Davy says:

    As soon as i saw the abhorent excuse for a human being diving & stamping etc i thought of Pies….You hate the guy as much as me…

    On a completely different note, you dont have a contact us button or email or anything to contact you for info on everything footy?

  11. Jez says:

    If that’s accidental, that’s the tiniest, most deliberate accidental step I’ve ever seen.

  12. ozzy says:

    Pepe dived? no way, the whole Real Madrid squad should get a 10 match ban!!

    Some barca players do that every week. I don’t get this whole hate towards madrid.

  13. Scott says:

    At least xabi alonso still seems nice.

  14. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    @Ozzy: Get yer blinkers off you moron. That’s 2 prime video examples (albeit of the same player) of why so many people hate Real. Great team, great history but being raked thru the mud now by this current crop. If you look at the second video, the crowd don’t even flinch when they see Pepe going down like a prom queen on the star quarterback. They’re obviously not stupid and they have every right to be ashamed of this sorry excuse of a footballer playing for their beloved club.

  15. ozzy says:

    Only SOME of the compilation videos of Barcelona players diving. This just proves how biased and blind most of you barca fans are. What’s that? Pepe stepped on messi’s hand? footballers intentionally foul each other all the time.

  16. Luke says:

    So many world class players on the pitch and yet only a few that actually have any class!

    It occurred to me whilst watching this last night that Pepe is the new Mihajlovic.

  17. tonys says:

    @sameer maybe if Liverpool buy him they can actually start winning again besides using the ‘n’ word.

  18. Fletch says:

    If it was anyone else doing the stamping i’d think it was maybe an accident. Everything that Pepe does is cynical and sly. Horrible player who has got away with shit like this for ages.

  19. HotSpur922 says:

    Pepe… I honestly was VERY happy when he did that hand stomp.

    good for him and F barca and Messi pants

  20. Anonymous says:

    Are you justifying what Pepe did, Ozzy? Real dives too. Pepe did a terrible dive in this game too. You can’t point to diving as justification for trying to break someone’s fingers. I’m a neutral, by the way. I hate Busquets as much as I have Pepe, although I’m starting to hate Pepe more.

  21. Anonymous says:

    There is diving all over the spanish league theres diving all over every league but the hatered for pepe is that he kicks 10 shades of shit out of people then does something like that. If i was on the pitch with him or against him id do my best to end his carrer his a fucking joke to the word football. How he is a “proffesional” player at one of the worlds biggest clubs baffles me his a fucking tank who soul purpose seems to be how long he can do shit without the ref seeing he should never play again. Even as a Barca fan I like mourinho but his tatics seem to be stop Barca by any means possible, he can’t get his head round them its the same kind of game again and again he just can’t break them as great as he is pep is fucking with him.

  22. Nino says:

    I admit what pepe did was wrong, very wrong. Pepe doesn’t deserve the white famous real madrid jersey.

  23. Tom Jones says:

    What a crybaby Messi is. That was accidental.

  24. Futballsznob says:

    Another nice dive from him, should have been a yellow. (also yesterday)

  25. MessiBalls says:

    “I don’t get all this Madrid hating”…………….. I fukkin do. Because Pepe plays for them and he is scum. Mourinho manages them and he is the most dishonest manager in football.

    Madrid are a decent team but have somne orrible knuts associated to the club

  26. Alex says:

    What a creep. Football needs a fifth offical / TV replays

  27. Victor says:


    you madridistas are such hypocrites. This whole thing is blown out of proportion cause people hate on barca winning so much, especially madridistas. Do some Barca players exaggerate fouls sometimes? Yes, so do 95% of players all around the world, not only in soccer but even in bball. It should be noted that while some of the fouls here are exaggerated, more than 60 % are legitimate fouls, as for the rest Barca did this sort of thing because they were tired of taking so many kicks at the bare border of regulation as Mou had his boys start to commit after he got a 5-0 on his first game against barca at Camp Nou. And that’s THAT. That Pepe stuff its not new at all, hes the flag of that sort of play by Real. Of course, you guys dont say anything about that or of Di Maria’s record of over 20 penalty producing dives? CR7 and company? Cmon. Some people will always talk.

  28. Victor says:

    this whole barca diving thing*

  29. Paul McGuigan says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    Atleast Alonso was being nice

  31. pepe says:

    @Chris – i wonder when you will make a post about Barcelona’s scumbag-like diving,cheating and acting? I mean, as far as Barcelona goes, they have received a godly treatment as if you guys worship them here on Pies or something. They have proven to be just as scummy as Pepe, the only difference is that they are better at football and don’t need to resort to violence as much, but my god, say if the roles were reversed, Puyol and Alves would be breaking bones left and right.
    The fact is that they cheat and dive and will do anything to win.
    I suggest you check out some of the links provided by posters up above, and that is just scratching the surface – there is a wealth of Barcelona-related scumbaggery on the internet.

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