Michel Platini Hoofs Opponent In Ribs And Delivers KO Right Hook During Friendly Game (Video)

Chris Wright

17th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Not that Michel Platini of course, he’s far too dignified. Admit it, we totally merked yo’ hind quarters. Brrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaap BAAAANTZZZZ!!!LULZ

Instead, we see CSKA Sofia’s Brazilian striker Michel Platini on the receiving end of a terrible, vindictive challenge from Dinamo Bucharest defender Laurentiu Rus and taking it rather personally – turning around and hoofing Rus in the gut a few times before sparking a bit of a dust-up in which Platini lamps a Bucharest player across the face, knocking him sparko with a sturdy right-hander…

The best part? Platini then went and signed for Bucharest the very next week! True story!