Doncaster Rovers… just like watching Brazil (with video evidence)

Ollie Irish

25th, November 2009


Some neat keep-ball passing by Donny against QPR. Ole!

Rovers won the match 2-0, a much-needed victory that lifted them clear of the Championship’s relegation zone.

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  1. David Allison says:

    Rovers have been playing football like this (on the whole) for some seasons now. The problem has been their finishing and goal-getting. They’ll play a top team off the park, but it’ll end 0-0 as they’ve been unable to find the goal. Hopefully Billy Sharp can find his Scunthorpe form and help change this. They’ve come a long way since I used to visit Belle Vue as a youngster, in the days of Gary Brabin, Darren Moore and Graeme Jones.

    Footnote: I work in Doncaster so often get to see Rovers play.

  2. Early McTool says:

    not very impressive, they never threatened the QPR goal, they didn’t even get close to the box

  3. David Allison says:

    The clip wasn’t demonstrating goalmouth prowess; it was QPR being taught a simple lesson in keep-ball. So long as you have the ball, you’re in no position to concede – I feel like I’m having to explain the basics of football here, McTool. And you’re wrong; they did get close to the box, only to be stopped by a foul. Please just try and take a moment to appreciate this and remember A) this is English Football, B) It’s the Championship, and C) it’s Donny bloody Rovers for Pete’s sake…! Bleedin’ killjoy…

  4. Early McTool says:

    All right, but football is about SCORING goals, there’s no point in just trying to keep the ball. It’s the best way to lose it, break open, and concede a lazy goal. Negative attitude.
    But I admit Doncaster have some skills, they just should try harder to play football

  5. David Allison says:

    You’re right, it’s about scoring goals… which they did – twice; whilst playing the type of football on display in the video. And there was exactly zero goals conceded; lazy or otherwise. Give me ‘negative’ 2-0 wins every week, I’m sure you’ll agree…

  6. Early says:

    They were punished 4-1 by Nottingham Forest. I told you they wouldn’t get away with this self-righteous kind of play

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