Does Lionel Messi Ever Dive? Does He ‘Eck As Like! (Video)

Chris Wright

28th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Half man, half weeble – even when he’s getting kicked up in the air, Lionel Messi never dives…

Cue a raft of miffed fans supplying video evidence that he is, in fact, a supersonic flop machine.

Oh, and apologies for coming over all ‘Fred Dibnah’ in the title there. Things just got very Yorkshire all of a sudden.

Video: BarcaUnderPep (thanks to Sean for the nudge)

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  1. nick says:

    does he EVER dive? yes… he does dive, just like everyone else

  2. dave says:

    this is the only reason i need to vastly prefer him to CR7 (but i have many others anyway)

  3. dc says:

    nick, was that video made by a 13 year old?

  4. Fellaini's Fro says:

    It couldn’t of been made by a 13 year old, just look at the depths of his analysis in the video description. More likely Kiko Macheda

  5. drags says:

    Yeah wow that video is literally made by my blind, semi-retarded grandma. I must say messi is an unbelievable talent and deserves all the plaudits. But i must agree with some who say that he is only good in a good team, and would underperform in many a team , eg. argentina. Whereas ronaldo i think would be insanely good in any team. My view and a few others, just putting it out there. Cheers

  6. Alex says:

    It’s odd, if he does have a flaw in his personality it’s that he can be a bit aggressive. I don’t want to come across as macho but I don’t find him that intimidating…

  7. Daniel says:

    He got booked for diving in the box vs Real Sociedad early this season.

  8. nick says:

    i didnt say anything about the video quality being great… it was the first youtube search under “messi dive”… just showing that even Messi… yes Messi, everyones messiah and reason to live… does indeed dive, like every other professional.

  9. Bob says:

    Its true about ronaldo playing insanely good on any team – just consider the crap teams he’s played well for – Porto, Man U, and Real Madrid – crap at best. Wake up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Not Porto but Sporting Lisbon.

  11. Magic turtle says:

    Does no one remember when he got del horno sent off for Chelsea in the champions league?

  12. Rich says:

    it would take and ignorant twat/barca fan to say Porto,Man Utd and Real Madrid are crap teams (Bob). Also apparently you signed Ronaldo to Porto in career mode in Fifa or something….hes never played there

  13. Miguel - NYC says:

    Bob, they will never wake up. Ronaldo may be a great talent, but he dives and whines like the best of them…and even at his best, he is not half the player Messi is.
    I assume that those that say Messi sucks in Argentina (have you even watched the games???) would love to post a picture with ALL (none) of the trophies that Ronaldo has won with Portugal. *Do you hear those crickets?*
    I bet some of these Ronaldo fans probably also say he never dives and that Pepe and Ramos should win the Fair Play award every year.

  14. Taylor says:

    nice response, nick. you show a video of him diving like 3 times in response to a video showing him take dozens and dozens of ridiculously harsh fouls and still going. and those dives were only to avoid injury. he’s running at full speed and can easily see someone stick their leg out, why would he risk injury when he can avoid it. yea when he rolled around, that was despicable, but no one is perfect. his resistance to diving is much more impressive than the shame of a few dives throughout his career.

    meanwhile, ronaldo, who is twice messi’s size, won’t stay on his feet at the slightest of faintest of possible touches on his toe. he’s a huge puss, messi is a beast

  15. Miguel - NYC says:

    Btw, LMAO at the “messi dives” video. I guess they needed to repeat those 2 dives for 3 minutes to make it seem Messi is a diver. Nice try.
    Btw, Ujfalusi is as dirty as Pepe is and here is a little proof:

  16. Titus says:

    Umm Bob, Ronaldo has never played for Porto…

  17. The Ostrich says:

    The only dive that I have EVER seen him commit is the one he did against Aiser Del Horno in the Champions League all those years back when he was still a semi-unknown talent. Even then the reason he dove was because he saw Del Horno coming in to hack his legs off a split second before Aiser couldve potentially ended his career pre-maturely. So guess what gents? He still wins.

  18. RyanMe says:

    Sure he goes down like every player, but for every dive he does he gets hacked down about ten times.

  19. sam9bwfc says:

    Fred Dibnah is from Bolton, LANCASHIRE, not Yorkshire. He’d be turning in his grave.

  20. Gaz says:

    If he could add the skill of diving to his game he would be the best ever….

  21. tonys says:

    Everyone who harps on C Ron’s diving just envies his swag and his girlfriend. Get a life.

  22. Lanthanum says:

    It’s quite sad that this is the most inspiring football video I’ve seen in a while. This is the way the game is supposed to be played and yet I’ve got the utmost respect for Messi even though this is how everyone should behave.

  23. ozzy says:

    Ronaldo is not half the best as Messi? Then why is it that every season they both score and assist the same amount? The season I see Messi do 100+ goals and 100+ assists, I’ll believe he is twice the player Ronaldo is.

    Also stop insulting the person that made the video, and saying stuff like “I guess they needed to repeat those 2 dives for 3 minutes” The question is, Does messi ever dive? Yes, he clearly dives in that video.

  24. Dont worry says:

    Messi dives i have seen it plenty. Messi gets fed like a gypsy at barca thats half the reason he kills it i agree with the guy who said messi would loose alot in other teams

  25. man_dildo says:

    let me just begin by saying that i fucking hate barcelona and their ‘fans’ gloryhunters, catalunya, majority of their players, but messi has won me over.

    he has indeed dove a few times but for a guy who constantly gets pummeled by the opposition, he’s got an outstanding track record.
    put that in contrast with the team he plays for and he looks even more angelic in comparison.

    bisquits, alves, villa, masqerano, they would all win oscars had they chosen their careers in hollywood instead of football, save for mascherano as he is way too ugly to be legally considered a human being, let alone an actor.

    to sum it up, he’s good, cr7 is good, they are probably the best in the world and to be fair, they would be absolutely deadly if paired up front.

  26. martin says:

    Well i guess the article and video title generate a lot of fire. It’s not true that Messi never dives, but it is rather admirable that in SOME (/plenty) situations where a normal player falls – and rightfully so, he keeps on going. Looking at that vid makes us see he sometimes continues and gets back on his feet just for the sheer element of surprise, as most adversaries would expect the game to be halted.

    Also check some of the passes he delivers from the ground, in hope that teammates speculate the “oh let’s chill it’s a freekick” atmosphere.

    Because of the video title, though – which WAS given by a 14-year old, instead of us noticing a laudatory trait on the guy we see a “challenge accepted” in proving HE DOES DIVE INDEED, that little dwarf! how dare he say he doesn’t dive??? [I never actually heard HIM say anything about this, btw]

  27. Tom says:

    Fred Dibnah is from Bolton, LANCASHIRE

  28. Stewart says:

    It’s self interest. He doesn’t dive because he knows he’s likely to score every time he gets it. But if he dives someone else will take the free kick or penalty and they might not. Ronaldo dives because he likes taking free kicks and often scores. If I had a fraction of a fraction of an atom of the talent of either of them I still wouldn’t feel qualified to criticise – but as it is I’m only about as talented as Milner – so I’d better shut up.

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