Chris Samba Has Banana Thrown At Him From Lokomotiv Moscow VIP Area (Video)

Chris Wright

20th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

As we mentioned yesterday, Anzhi’s Chris Samba was given the Russian Banana Salute at the weekend when some dingbat hurled one at him from the Lokomotiv Moscow VIP area – this being the very footage that led Lokomotiv president Olga Smorodskaya to proclaim that ‘nothing happened’ and that the whole thing was a ‘surreptitious set-up’ to drag her club through the mud…

Yep, nothing to see there. Oh, except the banana being thrown at Chris Samba.


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  1. Kacker says:

    That actually made me feel pathetic inside

  2. Wesley says:

    Well played by Hiddink, the ‘da fuck did you just do’ look
    Crazy maggot in the stands..

  3. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I blame Scooter being played on the loudspeaker.

    In all seriousness, racism is a major problem in Russia. The dog eat dog capitalism which was instituted after the collapse of the U.S.S.R., has left the majority of people without jobs and without much hope for the future. That doesn’t justify racism, but I think we must understand that in such chaos, extremist organizations tend to find a strong foothold.

    European Russia is largelly homogenous, with the majority of people having little contact with anyone of any differenet ethnicity, religion or race. When people do have interaction with any, they tend to be sellers at bazaars, the Roma beggars on the streets or African students. Their’s a certain level of distrust for the former two; the wars in the Caucasus has also left a great fear of Islam. Mixed in with the lack of prospects for a future, their’s a lot to be angry if you’re a Russian young male.

    I’m not justifying the banana throwing, I’m not justifying the racist extremism. I think however, it must be understood that their’s a larger issue here at hand. Racism doesn’t just exist in sport, it’s prevalent throughout society.

    As for the Club President declaring the Wenger defence, of not having seen it; what else could you she say? Racist violence in Russia has decelerated to the point that Anti-fa’s (anti-fascists) are oft targeted with violence. The stadiums tend to be recruiting grounds for extremist organizations (the case is true throughout continental Europe; it’s not just a Russian phenomenon).

    This episode is tragic because there are those who will deny that hatred of those who are different, prevails in society. They will brush it off and claim it only happens somewhere else, and yet here we are. Homophobia, racism; these hateful things have no place in society, let alone football. However in order to get rid of racism, the factors of why hate continues to breed need to be addressed. Some campaign thought up of by some bureaucrat desk jockey at FIFA/UEFA/FA isn’t going to solve the problem.

  4. Michael_D says:

    @Mr Sparkle – nice post. While certainly not condoning racism, given the greater social context you can see why racist acts might be more prevalent at sporting events in Russia. Sport has always been an emotionally cathartic experience one way or another: great joy or great anger. And considering the societal build-up you can at least have an idea as to why someone there would think this is a way to act out. I wish I could say the politicians there would take notice but their society is so polarized I don’t see it happening. They’re too large to ignore from the perspective of business but wow, what a minefield it is to try and host an international tournament that brings people of all colors and backgrounds. I fear for what we might see at WC2018

  5. KingEric7 says:

    What does he expect selling out to go play in a backwards country like that? It’s no wonder the players live in Moscow and commute to their home games, Dagestan is practically a warzone for the Chechen conflicts. They’re obviously not going to have the same standards as developed European countries.

  6. Steve says:

    It’s not up to the Russian League to defeat racism. It is up to them to take a side, however. Either they are for racism or against racism, there is no middle ground here. By doing nothing they are as bad as the person who threw it in the first place.

    Even Hiddink. Staring at the crowd and signalling them to calm down and giving a thumbs up for doing so. No. Take off your jacket and throw it on the ground and resign. Keeping it irrelevant that he could have 3 jobs the next day and has more money than he could ever need.

    If I was a player with a skin pigmentation more suitable to sunnier climates I would not hesitate for a moment about getting on the next flight out of there. Hell, even if it wasn’t directed at me I’d still be out of there.

  7. Mr. Sparkle says:

    King Eric, backwards country? I hope this is some asinine attempt at humour.


  8. SouzaFaria says:

    Well, Mr. Sparkle, I completely agree with King Eric, it is a backwards countr.

  9. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Every country has it’s good and bad, to label a whole nation and whole people as backwards makes you as racist as these extremists. Ironic, considering you seem to hate the fact that they throw a banana at someone in a sign of hatred when you’re just as willing to spout ignorance and stupidity.

    Go sod off back under the rock you came from.

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