Portugal Enjoy Jolly Old Sing-Song All The Way Home After Beating Holland (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, June 2012


By Chris Wright

By both road and air, the Portugal squad didn’t stop singing all the way back to Opalenica after beating Holland in Kharkiv t’other night…

Two things, Nani looks like a complete truncheon at 1:48  and Bruno Alves is an absolute clapping machine!

Video: Nike Football

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  1. Joe says:

    List of the most slappable faces in the world:

    1: Piers Morgan
    2: Pepe
    3: Bono
    4: Joey Barton
    5: Ricky Gervais

    A special Golden Cornetto for anyone who completes the Quintet

  2. jayjay says:

    @Joe: Sergio Busquets completes it.

  3. jayjay says:

    Actually quite like the tunes….Thanks for posting Pies! ps-Had no idea Nani wore specs (Or at least I don’t think he’s a hipster). Always great to see team spirit like this open to the fans…

  4. Phiwe says:

    Nice to see Ronaldo participating.

  5. BigAl says:

    It’s actually refreshing to see such a good team spirit.

    Probably one of the reasons that Portugal are still in and Holland are out.

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