Football GIFs: Xabi Alonso Pushes Javi Martinez Out Of Euro 2012 Winners’ Photo, Gets Squiffy, Falls Over

By Chris Wright

“Campeones, campeones, olé olé o-NOT YOU!”…

Shortly after pissing on Javi Martinez’s parade, Señor Alonso got a wee bit drunky-drunky-poos on the old Spanish wappy juice as gravity played a nasty trick on him – putting him on his arse while dumping said Wappy Juice all over poor Jesus’ head…

Silly Señor Alonso. Steady the buffs old boy.

(Via Tumblr)

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  1. Andy Gray says:

    In fairness it’s only because they were obviously trying to get a Real Madrid players picture! Still funny to see, he must have been so confused!

  2. Steven says:

    Alonso pushes Martinez because it was photoshoots for Real Madrid’s player…

  3. JuanosDios says:

    Theory: Javi Martinez, Basque, constantly rips on fellow Basque Xabi Alonso for playing for Real Madrid. Cause no serious Basque would actually consider playing for Madrid. That’s what that gif was all about. A little inside joke.

  4. Nuno says:

    The strangest thing to me in that GIF is the guy in blue behind Martinez disappearing out of nowhere… wtf?

  5. derpyhooves says:

    @juanodios how about Karanka? No respecting Castillian would play for Barcelona but hey Iniesta plays for them.

  6. Gary C says:

    @Nuno hadn’t even noticed that til you pointed it out. So strange… can anyone explain?

  7. Dom says:

    Real Madrid Team Photo, with Xabi booting out Athletico photo hi-jackers.

  8. John says:

    It appears that JM has a magical cloak that swallows him up underneath.

  9. Anonymous says:

    @Nuno – I see what you mean… strange…

  10. RyanMe says:

    The blue shirted guy goes between Raul Albiol and Sergio Ramos for the pic after Martinez gets pushed away ;)

  11. dc says:


    Karanka is the biggest cunt of them all…

  12. Nuno says:

    It doesn’t seem that way. Albiol’s arm is on Ramos, so not much space for anyone, and you would at least see a bit of blue. And also:
    After “print-screening” the GIF, it seems to be Jesus Navas. I knew the guy was fast, but not this much…

  13. Brendan says:

    @JuanosDios Thought Alonso was Navarran not Basque?

  14. FromBilbaowithlove says:

    Xabi Alonso is Basque, from Tolosa (not Toulouse, not too-loose, err… you know); and Javi Martinez, Navarran, yeah, so basque after all. Both Basques, but Alonso´s Guipuscoan, so, not very clever one… compared with Biscains and our adopted JM

  15. adhikapp says:

    Did the Real Madrid photo have Arbeloa in it? All I can see is Casillas, Albiol, Ramos and Alonso.

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