BBC Pundit Garth Crooks Admires Brazil’s Revolutionary 4-2-1-3-1 Formation (Video)

Chris Wright

8th, August 2012


By Chris Wright

Garth forgets to show his working, Jake Bamzooki wets himself…

Via @Zonal_Marking

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  1. West End Blues says:

    The man struggles to make a point and string a sentence together at the best of times. Still far better than that mumbling cock head Mark Bright. I have had a horrific thought; do you think given the exit of Lee Dixon, Robbie Savage will become the new incumbent MOTD2 presenter? Please God no.

  2. Graham says:

    Wait until Mexico hits them with the 113,000,000-724,000-226 formation. Brazil will be completely overwhelmed.

    (For those scratching their heads, that’s the Mexican 2011 population census)

  3. Shaved Gibbon says:

    @Graham: Still scratching my head.

  4. Post Monkey says:

    Crooks couldn’t find his cock for a piss – no idea what he’s on about half the time, Mark Bright is a turd of a pundit too & Jake Humphries is shite whatever the sport.

    Sack them all and get someone else in

  5. Colski says:

    Dumbest. Commentator/Pundit/Man. Ever.

  6. Vasko says:

    You think you have it bad? I have to put up with Piers Morgan. The man is a complete asshole.

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