Former TalkSPORT Presenter Porky Parry Attempts ‘Cinnamon Challenge’, Erupts In Cloud Of Dusty Orange Spittle (Video)

Chris Wright

10th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

In which former TalkSPORT and Five Live gobshite Mike ‘Porky’ Parry – a man with well-documented health/heart problems – attempts the ‘Cinnamon Challenge’, i.e, shoveling a spoonful of the devil’s bark dust into your mouth and attempting to take it LIKE A MAN, in his back garden.

It doesn’t end well for the Porkster (who afterwards points out that his heart runs on about 30% efficiency these days) with the Evertonian chatter-git duly erupting in a dusty cloud of orange spittle and very nearly dying all over again…

Via Caught Offside