Danny Rose Tells Sky Sports News About Awful Racist Abuse Suffered In Serbia (Audio)

Chris Wright

17th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

Monkey chanting/spewing racist abuse at a football match (or anywhere for that matter) = a quick, simple way to show the rest of the watching world exactly how much of a moronic, backward, pig ignorant bigot you are.

(Video: 101GG)

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  1. Alex says:

    Well said.

    I hope they don’t impose a footballing punishment on Serbia, it wasn’t a footballing issue, enough is enough now.

  2. Nick says:

    Too bad a footballing punishment is what’s needed. Slapping a fine on the country is just total bullshit and perhaps a harsh benefit will tell the fucktard fans to quit being ignorant asswipes or their countries team will be banned from International play.

  3. C says:

    Something tells me any kind of punishment will only trigger the fucktards to behave even worse…

  4. oisin says:

    Im from ireland and even i think thats discraceful nobody likes those fu***** serbians

  5. Oh, well says:

    Who do those Serbians think they are? What is their race, really? Imitated Russians… Do they think that Serbians are Elves or something… F…ing f…tards…

  6. yep says:

    Maybe in England its ok to pretend like you’re tolerant of other races and weird cultures, but Serbia is not a multicultural country and the people there feel like if some black guy comes and jeers on and provokes the players and the crowd, he’s going to be dealt with accordingly.
    The English media is obviously making a meal out of it considering that they are a laughable institution that needs to create bullshit stories to survive.
    @Oisin you can hate ‘those fucking Serbians’ all you want, but one day when you wake up in 50 years and can’t differentiate Dublin and (insert any middle-eastern city in here), you’ll be wondering what went wrong. Fuck your tolerance and fuck your multiculturalism, the world does not work that way.

  7. bobbie says:

    Ban them from international football and they cannot behave any worse.

    Do you tell someone to stop looking at inappropriate content on the internet or do you take away their internet account?

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