Boca Unidos Keeper Sent-Off For Lumping Ball Into Ballboy’s Face From Point-Blank Range (Video)

Chris Wright

28th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

In which veteran Boca Unidos ‘keeper Gaston Sessa (eventually) sees red for walloping a ball into a ballboy’s face from a couple of yards away, after taking umbrage at how long it took the ball to be returned to him for a goal-kick – a delay the ballboy in question had absolutely nothing to do with…

Sessa was then sent-off by the referee with minutes of the match remaining, but only after the kid took an age to go down in order to receive ‘treatment’ for his boshed conk.

Sessa may well have been attempting to hoof the ball over the ballboy and into the terraces, but frankly, if he failed to hit a 100×40 foot-square area of empty seats from a few yards away then we’d suggest he stick to the story that he was intentionally aiming a pinpoint pot-shot at an innocent kid’s face just to spare his blushes!

(Video: 101GG)