Real Madrid Castilla Youngster Jese Rodriguez Sent-Off, Hocks Big Grotty Snotball At Opponent (Video)

Chris Wright

29th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

Jese Rodriguez, a 19-year-old striker in Real Madrid’s Castilla side, has been forced to apologise for shaming the club after a disgraceful display during a recent game against Sporting Gijon yesterday afternoon.

After going down under minimal duress in a challenge with Gijon’s Ivan Hernandez, Jese retaliated petulantly when Gregory Arnolin swatted away his flailing legs by kicking out at the French defender and duly being shown a red card by the referee – all this in the 17th minute of the match!

The worst was yet to come however because, as Jese moped off the pitch, he turned to hock a bit grotty snotball at Gijon midfielder Nacho Cases, who had had the temerity to pat the uppity Madrid urchin on the back as he walked past…

Rodriguez later took to his Twitter account to apologise profusely to everyone he had let down, saying: “I want to apologise for my actions today. To the club, the president, my teammates, my manager and fans. Will not happen again.”

Apologising to everybody except the poor chap he spat on then. Lovely stuff.

(Via Eurosport)

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  1. Paul McGuigan says:

    Pepe must be very proud

  2. Jarren says:

    I don’t know what’s worse, the gobbing or the oscar-winning “writing agony” of the felled Gijon player.

    Something in my gut says the play acting.

    Yeah, I know it’s disgusting to spit and all that, but at least it shows passion (of a sort).

    Play acting is what I think is REALLY disgusting.

  3. María says:

    French player should be embarrassed. Call the ref’s attention, but don’t be such a pussy. Midn you, he is French maybe it really did hurt that much?

  4. Barça says:

    Well i guess he’s proving that people who call him the new Cristiano are not wrong ! he’s the new cristiano indeed !

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