Dutch FA Release Quirky Anti-Homophobia Viral, Take ‘Coming Out Of The Closet’ Extremely Literally (Video)

Chris Wright

2nd, November 2012


By Chris Wright

From the KNVB to your laps, here’s the Dutch FA’s charming, quirky and non-too-subtle anti-homophobia viral released but a few days ago in a bit to help combat an ever-present issue in the footballing community…

Yes, it’s a little on the blunt side (especially the tag line), but we’re guessing that’s by design rather than due to any lack of tact on the KNVB’s behalf. It certainly gets the message across succinctly enough.

Of course, gay players shouldn’t be pressured into coming out against their will, just as players similarly aren’t at liberty to divulge any other personal prerogative or choice.

As with this Dutch viral, it’s the fear of subsequent hostility that football’s anti-homophobia charities are fighting hard to rectify.


(Video: OTP)