Introducing: Shockingly Brutal Icelandic Junior Football League Where All Fouls Are Legal (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, November 2012


By Chris Wright

In scenes reminiscent of the old ‘fouling football’ games you used to play on the park (no? just us?) here’s some brutal footage from a new-ish indoor tournament played in Iceland which sees young lads compete in a hybrid football/Rollerball/pub carpark brawl sport.

The game is essentially 5-a-side football, but it would appear that absolutely anything goes in terms of kicking lumps out of each other. Even the referee disciplines players by slapping them across the face with either his red or yellow-gloved hand!

The Icelandic are usually such a placid people but we guess that paying upwards of £10 for a beer, etc, will make you crack eventually. As we say, ‘brutal’ is definitely the word…

<Insert obligatory Stoke City gag here>

(Video via @Kistengang)